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1 Measurements of Output Characteristics of a Radiometer J. Cohen, T. Orhaug 06-01-62
2 The Electron Beam Parametric Amplifier D. Ross, R. Haas 09-01-62
3 Standard Receiver Measurements J. Dolan, C. Wooddell 10-01-62
4 Thermal Calibration of a Radiometer D. Ross 10-01-62
5 750 Mc and 1400 Mc Receiver Front Ends at the 300-Foot Telescope B. Hansson, D. Ross 12-01-62
6 Detector Law H. Hvatum 12-01-62
7 Receiver Noise Temperature Measurements Using the Standard Receiver E. Filloy 12-01-62
8 Ceramic Tube-Low Noise Front Ends J. Carter 01-01-63
9 Ceramic Tube-Low Noise Front Ends D. Ross 06-01-93
10 NRAO Mechanical Scanner Coupler for Serial Tape J. Oliver, F. Crews 06-01-63
11 Standard Receiver Assembly, Components and Cost J. C. Wooddell 07-01-63
12 The Characteristics of the 85-Foot Telescope at 21 cm Wavelength With a Horn Feed and a Compound Dipole Feed P. Mezger 07-01-63
13 A Solid-State Radiometer J. Dolan 08-01-63
14 Design Considerations for the NRAO Interferometer N. Keen 08-01-63
15 Some Vehicle Ignition Measurements J. Dolan 08-01-63
16 Measurements of Diameters of Radio Sources With Pencil Beam Antennas P. Stumpff, P. Mezger 08-01-63
17 Application of the Antenna Tolerance Theory to the NRAO 85-foot and 300-foot Telescopes P. Mezger 08-01-63
18 Possible Designs for a Very Large Array of Antennas N. Keen 09-01-63
19 A Prototype Digital Cross-Correlator for the NRAO Interferometer N. Keen 09-01-63
20 A 20-Channel Extra-Galactic Hydrogen Line Receiver B. Hoglund 09-01-63
21 Design of a Two Element Interferometer Local Oscillator System J. Bringe 10-01-63
22 Electrical Path Fluctuations in the Atmosphere: A Preliminary Report on the Measurement of Differential Over-ground Path Fluctuations at 5.6 kMc N. Keen 10-01-63
23 Underground Temperature Variations V. Venugopal 10-01-63
24 Power Detector C. Bare 02-01-64
25 Microwave Physics Corportion L-Band Parametric Amplifier B. Hansson, B. Pasternak 12-01-63
26 750 Mc - 1400 Mc Receivers at the 300-Foot Telescope D. Ross 11-01-63
27 400 cps Solid State Switch Driver H. von Hoerner 03-01-64
28 A Broadband Amplifier (1-161 MHz) H. von Hoerner 03-01-64
29 A Digital Receiver Tester N. Keen 03-01-64
30 The Characteristics of the 300-Foot Telescope at 10 cm Wavelength P. Mezger, J. Baars 05-01-64
31 Digital Output for the Lunar Occultation Receivers N. Keen 05-01-64
32 AIL Parametric Amplifier Model 2877 D. Ross 05-01-64
33 An Automatic Temperature Control System for Telescope Pillboxes G. Behrens 07-01-64
34 Digital Sidereal Clock System C. Bare 07-01-64
35 The Flux Density Values of Standard Sources Used for Antenna Calibrations P. Mezger, J. Baars, H. Wendker 08-01-64
36 The Characteristics of the NRAO 85-Foot Telescopes at 2.07 cm Wavelength J. Baars, P. Mezger 10-01-64
37 Strip of Sky and Low Frequency Systems on 300-foot Telescope D. Ross, Y. Terzian 10-01-64
38 A Ferrite Switch Driver J. Dolan 10-01-64
39 Radiometer Systems for Observations of Lunar Occultations B. Pasternak 11-01-64
40 NRAO Interferometer: Design, Operation, and Early Results N. Keen 11-01-64
41 NRAO Interferometer: The Delay Switching Computer N. Keen 11-01-64
42 A Digital Cross-Correlation Interferometer N. Keen 12-01-64
43 4Design Studies for a 127-Channel Filter Hydrogen Line Radiometer B. Hoglund 12-01-64
44 300-Foot Telescope Positioner II C. Bare 02-01-65
45 Clock and Marker System C. Bare 03-01-65
46 4Antenna Temperature Measurement of the Aero Geo Astro Modified Horn Reflector J. Dolan 04-01-65
47 Interferometer Digital Output System C. Bare 04-01-65
48 A Survey of Delay Line Techniques L. Morrison 08-01-65
49 Position Readout Systems for 85-1, 85-2 and Nike Mount C. Bare 09-01-65
50 Interferometer Front-End Systems Using Two Parametric Amplifiers B. Pasternak 11-01-65
51 Interferometer Receiver Back End J. Coe 01-01-66
52 Square Law Detector for the 6 cm Tunnel Diode J. Dolan 02-01-66
53 NRAO Interferometer Phase Lock Loop Operating-Service Report J. Bringe 03-01-66
54 Advanced Technology Calibration Loads for the 2 cm 9. 5 mm and 3. 5 mm Wavelength Range R. Menon, N. Albaugh 04-01-66
55 Single Sideband, Double Sideband, or Mixed Interferometer Receivers K. Wesseling 04-01-66
56 A Possible Local Oscillator Distribution System for the NRAO Interferometer and Analysis of Its Phase Instabilities K. Wesseling 06-01-66
57 Characteristics of the Paraboloidal Reflector Antenna J. W. M. Baars 08-01-66
58 Requirements for a Laboratory Instrument for Radiometer Stability Analysis S. von Hoerner, M. Davis 01-01-67
59 Performance Characteristics of WJ-268 Series TWTs [59A - Performance Characteristics of the Avantek AM-1000 Transistor Amplifier] R. Menon, N. Albaugh 03-01-67
60 Performance of Narrowband 9 mm Radiometer R. Menon, N. Albaugh, D. Logan 05-01-67
61 Frequency Sweeper J. Payne 09-01-67
62 Noise Tube Power Supply J. Payne 09-01-67
63 Thermal Calibration Unit J. Payne 09-01-67
64 300-Foot Cabin Temperature Controller C. Bare 11-01-67
65 Noise Tube Power Supply and Trigger D. Logan, N. Albaugh 12-01-67
66 VLB Control II C. Bare 12-01-67
67 VLB Delay II III C. Bare 01-01-68
68 1415 MHz 4-Feed Receiver System at the 300-Foot Telescope M. Davis, M.Hagstrom 01-01-68
69 NRAO Standard Solar Calendar G. Ertell 05-01-68
70 The NRAO 50-Channel Spectral Line Receiver M. Balister 05-01-68
71 The Frontend Box Temperature Controller for the 36-Foot Telescope K. Wesseling 06-01-68
72 A Remote Positioning Servo System J. Payne 06-01-68
73 Three Element Interferometer Receiver Backend J. Coe 06-01-68
74 Wideband Tunable Parametric Amplifier J. Edrich 06-01-68
75 Autocorrelation Receiver Model II: Operational Description A. Shalloway, R. Mauzy,          
J. Greenhalgh, S. Weinreb
76 A Novel Way of Beam-Switching, Particularly Suitable at MM Wavelengths K. Wesseling, N. Albaugh 07-01-68
77 Autocorrelation Receiver, Model II: IF Filter System R. E. Mauzy 08-01-68
78 A Continuously Recording Infrared Hygrometer and Results of an Interferometer Hygrometer Correlation Experiment K. H. Wesseling 08-01-68
79 Synchronous Detector and Readout System for a 50-Channel Receiver Kok Chen 09-01-68
80 Autocorrelation Receiver, Model II: Digital System A. Shalloway 09-01-68
81 Front-End Box Temperature Controller J. Payne 10-01-68
82 NRAO Universal Local Oscillator M. Balister 10-01-68
83 Pointing and Calibration with the 300-Foot Pointing and Calibration with the 300-Foot M. Felli, E. Churchwell 02-01-69
84 The 6 cm VLB Receiver J. Payne 04-01-69
85 The 40/50 Channel Integrator/Multiplexer J. R. Hallman 06-01-69
86 Driver for 300-Foot Traveling Feed Translator R. B. Weimer 06-01-69
87 Ramp/Sweep Generator J. R. Hallman 07-01-69
88 Multifilter Receivers D. L. Thacker, L. Beale 10-01-69
89 General Description and Operating Instructions for the Water Vapor Receiver J. Dolan 01-01-70
90 The 3 cm VLB Receiver J. Payne 01-01-70
91 A Local Oscillator System for a 12.4-18.0 GHz Spectral Line Receiver M. Balister 01-01-70
92 The 13 cm VLB Receiver J. Payne 05-01-70
93 Antenna Feed Efficiency and Spillover Calculation Program S. Weinreb, S. Jansson 06-01-70
94 85-Foot Encoder Transmission System D. Schiebel 07-01-70
95 NRAO Wideband RF/IF Amplifier: Specifications and Test Methods R. Fleming 10-01-70
96 A Double-Switched Water Vapor Receiver J. Dolan 10-01-70
97 Millimeter Wave Spectral-Line Receiver - Local Oscillator and IF Sections S. Weinreb 10-01-70
98 Antenna Measuring Instrument J. Payne 11-01-70
99 18 cm Receiver IF Electrical Polarimeter or Dual Linear Feed C. Moore 05-01-71
100 The Digital Lobe Rotation System for the NRAO Interferometer System R. Hallman 05-01-71
101 The 108-Channel Multiplexer for use with the Honeywell 316 Spectral Line Processor J. Payne 05-01-71
102 Interferometer Expansion: Auto-correlation Interface (2) 16 Output Word Buffers and (3) Frequency Synthesizer Driver Unit D. Schiebel 07-01-71
103 Mark II Thermal Calibrator J. W. Findlay, J. Payne 08-01-71
104 A Digital Frequency Synthesizer M. Balister 09-01-71
105 Characterization Tests of the Western Electric Parametric Amplifiere D. Sweeney 09-01-71
106 The GE BD-7 Back Diode as a Square LawvDetector P. Camana 09-01-71
107 Results of Laboratory Tests with the Comsat Preamplifier System (4.1 GHz Maser) C. Moore, T. Dunbrack 09-01-71
108 11 cm 3-Feed Receiver R. Fleming 10-01-71
109 Battery Pack for Hewlett-Packard 5065A Rubidium Frequency Standard M. Balister 10-01-71
110 300-Foot Telescope Drive System and DDP-116 Computer Interface R. Hallman 11-01-71
111 300-Foot Telescope Traveling Feed and Sterling Mount Control System W. Brundage 11-01-71
112 A 50-Channel Multifilter Receiver (250 kHz Bandwidth per Channel) M. Balister 11-01-71
113 3-Element Interferometer 3.7, 11 and 21 cm Receivers J. Coe 11-01-71
114 22-24 GHz Tunable Spectral Line Receiver J. Edrich 12-01-71
115 NRAO 36-Foot Telescope Position. Control Servo Additions: 1. Baldwin Position Encoder 2. Interface Box for Encoder 3. Electronic Tachometer System 4. Coarse Position Readout R. Hallman 01-01-72
116 Green Bank Environmental Spectrum Survey: Summer 1971 J. Dolan, L. Swartz 02-01-72
117 A 50-Channel Multifilter Receiver (1.2 MHz Bandwidth Per Channel) N. V. G. Sarma 03-01-72
118 Mark II VLB System: Principles and Operating Procedures B. G. Clark, R. Weimer, S. Weinreb 04-01-72
119 A Laser Distance Measuring Instrument John M. Payne 06-01-72
120 NRAO Standard Calendar Model III R. Hallman 07-01-72
121 NRAO Standard Clock Divider and Display R. Hallman 08-01-72
122 Test of Some MM-Wave Material B. Pettersson 08-01-72
123 DDP-116 Computer I/O Bus Level Conversion D. Schiebel 09-01-72
124 Cooled 21 cm Radiometer D. L. Thacker 09-01-72
125 Correlation Receiver Model III: Operational Description A. M. Shalloway, R. Greenhalgh, J. Mauzy 11-01-72
126 Microwave Link for Data Transmission N. V. G. Sarma 01-01-73
127 The 45-Foot Antenna Drive System J. Payne 03-01-73
128 The 45-Foot Stand-Alone Computer Control J. Greenberg 03-01-73
129 Potter Line Printer Model LP 3000 and Interface to the DDP-116 Site Computers J.R. Hallman 04-01-73
130 Pulse Period Generator M. Hersman 08-01-73
131 Computation of Aperture Efficiency and Radiation Pattern for a Cassegrain Antenna T. W. Leonard, P. Napier 08-01-73
132 A Read-Only Memory Programmer/Verifier J.R. Hallman 10-01-73
133 RFI Surveillance Computer Interface J. Greenberg 10-01-73
134 A 512-Channel Integrator and Multiplexer C. Pace, J. Payne 10-01-73
135 Primary Power Monitor for Remote Generatin Power Stations J.R. Hallman 11-01-73
136 An Antenna Measuring Instrument and Its Use on the 140-ft Telescope J. W. Findlay, J. Payne 01-01-74
137 Nutating Subreflector for 36-ft Telescope J. M. Payne 02-01-74
138 Universal Voltage Regulator Don Q. Morris 02-01-74
139 Current Electroplating and Electroforming Practices at NRAO John Lichtenberger 03-01-74
140 RF Absorption Due to Paint on the 36-ft Antenna Surface R. W. Haas 03-01-74
141 3-mm Single Sideband Calibration Filters R. W. Haas 04-01-74
142 Automatic Noise Figure Meter Front-End R. L. Fleming 05-01-74
143 Error in Receiver Noise Temperature Measurement using Hot and Cold Loads Due to Effect of Source Reflection Coefficient on Gain C. Moore, C. Brockway      05-01-74
144 Computer Control of the Universal Local Oscillator D. Schiebel 07-01-74
145 Room Temperature and Cryogenic Mixers for 80-120 GHz A. R. Kerr 07-01-74
146 256-Channel Filter Receivers B. Mauzy 08-01-74
147 Observations of the SMS-1 Satellite with the 140-foot Telescope B. E. Turner, J. L. Dolan, C. R. Moore 09-01-74
148 Cassegrain Temperature Controller G. Behrens, J. Liebenrood 11-01-74
149 NRAO 45-ft Telescope Digital Position Control and Readout System J. Ray Hallman 11-01-74
150 NRAO 45-ft Telescope Remote Control Data Link System J. Ray Hallman 11-01-74
151 NRAO 45-ft Telescope General Interest Notes and Weather Station J. Ray Hallman 11-01-74
152 First Tests of An Antenna Measuring Instrument on the 36-ft Telescope J. M. Payne, J. M. Hollis, J. W. Findlay 12-01-74
153 Paper Tape Production for Programming Programmable Read-Only Memories S. Rouse, A. Shalloway 01-01-75
154 NRAO Cross-Correlator Receiver Digital Delay Generator J. Ray Hallman 02-01-75
155 Observations of the SMS-l Satellite Radiation in the Band 1660-1670 MHz H. Hvatum, J. Dolan, C. Moore 03-01-75
156 140-ft Focus/Polarization Control System G. Patton 04-01-75
157 DDP-116 - MODCOMP Data Link for 140-ft Telescope G. Patton 04-01-75
158 300-ft H-316 Computer Interface D. Schiebel 04-01-75
159 Interference Potential for Radio Astronomy Observations at Green Bank, West Virginia C. Moore, J. Dolan 05-01-75
160 Focal Length Adjustment of 140-ft S. von Hoerner 05-01-75
161 Microwave Oven Radio Frequency Emissions J. Dolan 06-01-75
162 Analog Input to 140-ft H316 D. Schiebel 11-01-75
163 Wire List Program for Integrated Circuit-Wire Wrap Boards J. Jafolla, A. Shalloway, G. Runion 12-01-75
164 140-ft Pointing Errors and Possible Corrections S. von Hoerner 12-01-75
165 Atmospheric Contribution to System Noise J. R. Fisher 05-01-76
166 Satellite VLBI Delay Line B. Rayhrer, B. Wireman 05-01-76
167 ULO X4 Multiplier B. Mauzy 08-01-76
168 Millimeter-Wave Mixer Transmission Line Analysis H. A. Atwater, D. R. Decker 08-01-76
169 Total Power Integrator For VLBI Mark II Terminal B. Rayhrer, B. Wireman 08-01-76
170 Cooling Fan Speed Control B. Mauzy, J. Pementel, A. Shalloway 08-01-76
171 Microwave Measurement Program For The H.P. 9830A Calculator J. Granlund 09-01-76
172 Waveguide Mounting Post Program S. Maas 11-01-76
173 Mechanical Stability of Diodes for Cryogenic 80-120 GHz Mixer R. Decker 11-01-76
174 Prime Focus Efficiency, Blockage, Spillover, and Scattering Calculations on the HP 9825A Calculator J. R. Fisher 11-01-76
175 Millimeter-Wave Iris Bandpass Filters D. R. Decker 01-01-77
176 Tests of the Cart Method for Measuring Telescopes J. W. Findlay, J. N. Ralston 07-01-77
177 A Directional Filter for Local Oscillator Injection in a Millimeter Wave Mixer Radiometer Jesse Davis 08-01-77
178 An Impulse Noise Suppressor J. V. Morgan, J. R. Fisher 09-01-77
179 On Measuring Low Noise Temperatures Craig R. Moore 09-01-77
180 National Astronomy and Ionospheric Center Receiver James R. Coe 10-01-77
181 Cryogenically-Cooled C-Band PIN Diode Switch George H. Behrens 10-01-77
182 140-ft MODCOMP Interface Built by NRAO Dwayne R. Schiebel 11-01-77
183 Spurious Spectral Features at the NRAO 140-ft Telescope F. J Lockman, L. J. Rickard 12-01-77
184 Reflection Measurements on the 140-ft and 300-ft Radiotelescopes J. R. Fisher 01-01-78
185 The Mark II Data Quality Analyzer/Decoder R. J. Lacasse 02-01-78
186 A Progress Report on Josephson Junction Mixers for Millimeter Wave Radio Astronomy D. R. Decker 02-01-78
187 The NRAO VLBI Mark II Processor B. Meredith, B. Rayhrer 06-01-78
188 A Digital Radiometer (with supplement) J. Ray Hallman 07-01-78
189 Measurement of Quartz Microstrip at 22 GHz and 110 GHz M. Pospieszalski 07-01-78
190 An 11.5 to 15.5 GHz Corrugated Horn for the 140-ft Cassegrain System J. Richard Fisher 08-01-78
191 An Evaluation Kit to ROM Programmer Interface Stephen MacMinn 08-01-78
192 An Automated Mixer Test Set Michael K. Jones 08-01-78
193 Correctable Subreflector Controller Richard J. Lacasse 09-01-78
194 A 2 to 18 GHz Signal Source for the Green Bank Antenna Range J. Richard Fisher 10-01-78
195 Subharmonically Pumped Mixer for 230 GHz D. R. Decker 11-01-78
196 Comparative Analysis of Fundamental and Subharmonic Mixers for Millimeter Wave -- NOT YET COMPLETED D. R. Decker 11-01-78
197 The 600 MHz Noise Performance of GaAs MESFET's at Room Temperature and Below D. M. Burns 12-01-78
198 300-ft Inductosyn Readout System D. R. Schiebel 05-01-79
199 An Analysis Routine for Arbitrary Two-Port Networks on the Hewlett Packard 9845 Computer D. Fenstermacher 08-01-79
200 Heat Flow in a Cooled Coaxial Transmission Line D. Fenstermacher 08-01-79
201 A Method for Measuring an Equivalent Circuit of Waveguide - Mounted Diodes M. Pospieszalski, S. Weinreb 10-01-99
202 Low-Noise Cooled GASFET Amplifiers S. Weinreb 04-01-80
203 Tests of Cooled 5-GHz Parametric and GASFET Amplifiers S. Weinreb 04-01-80
204 Temperature Readout Unit for Lake Shore Cryotronics Silicon Diode Sensors (DT-500 Series) M. Balister 05-01-80
205 Resistance Associated with FET Gate Metallization J. Granlund 05-01-80
206 The NRAO VLBI Mark III Processor B. Rayhrer 06-01-80
207 Assemblying and Testing Procedure for A Cryogenically-Cooled 5-GHz Circulator A. Wu 07-01-80
208 Loss of Ferrite Beads at Microwave Frequencies M. Sinclair 09-01-80
209 Spectrum Expander for 256-Channel (100 kHz per Channel) Multifilter Receiver R. Lacasse 12-01-80
210 L and C-Band Cryogenic Front End for Harvard Radio Astronomy Station at Fort Davis, TX G. Behrens 02-01-81
211 Millimeter Wavelength Frequency Multipliers J. Archer 01-01-81
212 ADIOS - Analog-Digital Input Output System for Apple Computer G. Weinreb, S. Weinreb 04-01-81
213 Instrumentation Interface for HP-9845A Desktop Calculator G. Weinreb 05-01-81
214 Square-Law Detector Tests S. Weinreb 05-01-81
215 Program Library Disk 1.1 for the Apple Computer S. Weinreb 06-01-81
216 Designs of 300-1000 MHz Upper Sideband Converters A. Wu 07-01-81
217 A Computer-Aided Analysis Routine including Optimization for Microwave Circuits and Their Noise D. Fenstermacher 07-01-81
218 WATER: The Waveguide Assembly Thermal Energy Routine R. Bradley 09-01-81
219 New Tape Drive for 300-ft Telescope D. Schiebel 09-01-81
220 Ultra Low-Noise, 1.2-1.7 GHz, Cooled GASFET Amplifiers S. Weinreb, D. Fenstermacher,  
R. Harris
221 JPL Physical Optics Scattering Program J. Lyons (Co-op Student) 11-01-81
222 Low-Noise, 10.7 GHz, Cooled, GASFET Amplifier G. Tomassetti S. 11-01-81
223 Cryogenic Performance of Millimeter Wave Terminations, Attenuators, Absorbers and Coaxial Cable S. Weinreb 01-01-82
224 Improving Software for Controlling the ADIOS Module L. D'Addario 01-01-82
225 A Library of Binary Subroutines for the Apple II Plus L. D'Addario 01-01-82
226 Complex Math Package for Apple II Plus Computers L. D'Addario, S. Keller 01-01-82
227 Model IV Correlator IF System R. Mauzy 03-01-82
228 Computer-Corrected Reflectometer using the HP-8410 and an Apple II L. D'Addario 05-01-82
229 15 GHz Cooled GASFET Amplifier--Design Background Information M. Sierra M. Sierra
230 256-Channel, 2 MHz per Channel, Filter Receiver R. E. Mauzy 10-01-82
231 Noise Parameters of NRAO 1.5 GHz GASFET Amplifiers S. Weinreb 12-01-82
232 Frequency Standard Test Program S. Weinreb 01-01-83
233 Short-Term Phase Stability Requirements for Interferometer Coherence S. Weinreb 06-01-83
234 Autocorrelator Receiver Model 4: Operating Description A. Shalloway 06-01-83
235 Low Noise, 15 GHz, Cooled, GaAsFET Amplifier S. Weinreb R. Harris 09-01-83
236 Fortran Versions of Farant Chiu Tai Law 09-01-83
237 The GPIO Bus Interface Unit for the HP 9826 Computer R. F. Bradley 10-01-83
238 L/C/X Band Cryogenic Receiver Front-End No. 2 for Harvard Radio Astronomy Station, Fort Davis, Texas G. H. Behrens, I. E. Jeffries 11-01-83
239 Front-End Data Link (FEDAL) R. J. Lacasse 12-01-83
240 L-Band Receiver: Initial Tests at 18 cm and 21 cm H. E. Payne 12-01-83
241 Design of Low Noise, Balanced, 2-4 GHz, GaAsFET Amplifier S. Weinreb, S. Kodaira, J. Granlund 01-01-84
242 Digital Continuum Receiver Hardware D. Schiebel 01-01-84
243 Digital Continuum Receiver Users' Manual J. R. Fisher 01-01-84
244 4-Feed, 21-cm Receiver G. H. Behrens 02-01-84
245 The 1.3-1.8 GHz Receiver System R. D. Norrod 02-01-84
246 Front-End Data Link Users' Manual R. J. Lacasse 03-01-84
247 5 MHz Frequency Standards Comparator R. E. Mauzy 05-01-84
248 Analog-Filter, Digital-Correlator, Hybrid Spectrometer S. Weinreb 05-01-84
249 The Interferometer Microwave Link J. R. Coe 07-01-84
250 FARANT on the HP 9816 Computer J. Granlund 07-01-84
251 Interferometer 14.2 m Digital Data Link D. Schiebel 10-01-84
252 ADIOS Control Program D. C. Hall (Summer student) 11-01-84
253 Prototype 2-4 GHz, Low Noise, Balanced Amplifier - Design and Test Wyman Williams 12-01-84
254 Low-Noise, 8.0-8.8 GHz, Cooled, GASFET Amplifier M. Pospieszalski 12-01-84
255 Synthesized 90-120 GHz Signal Source J. Archer, M. Crawford 12-01-84
256 A High Performance, 2.5 K Cryostat incorporating a 100-120 GHz Dual-Polarization Receiver J. Archer 12-01-84
257 The Noise Properties of High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) T. M. Brooks 12-01-84
258 Computer-Aided Testing of Millimeter Wave Mixers M. Faber, J. Archer 08-01-85
259 Low-Noise, 4.8 GHz, Cooled GaAs FET Amplifier R. Norrod, R. Simon 02-01-86
260 X-Band Noise Performance of Commercially-Available GaAs FET's at Room and Cryogenic Temperatures M. Pospieszalski 05-01-86
261 Temperature Coefficients of Gain and Various Microwave Components S. Weinreb, R. Harris 06-01-86
262 Design and Performance of Cryogenically Cooled 10.7 GHz Amplifiers M. Pospieszalski 06-01-86
263 Breadboard 100 MHz Phase-Shifter for Interferometer Lobe-Rotation J. Greenberg 08-01-86
264 Analysis of an Array Feed Design for the 300-ft Telescope P. Lawson (Summer student) 09-01-86
265 Feasibility of Millimeter Wave SIS Direct Detectors S. Weinreb 11-01-86
266 327 MHz and 610 MHz Low-Noise FET Amplifiers R. Harris, W. Lakatosh 01-01-87
267 SIS Mixer Design by Frequency Scaling including Saturation Effect A. Kerr, M. Feldman 02-01-87
268 SIS Mixers At 115 GHz Using Nb/Al ľAl203/Nb Junctions S.-K Pan, A. R. Kerr, J. W. Lamb, and M. J. Feldman 03-01-87
269 SIS-Mixer To HEMT-Amplifier Optimum Coupling Network S. Weinreb 03-01-87
270 Calibrated Tuner for Chip Characterizations above 18 GHz S. Weinreb, B. Bates, R. Harris 07-01-87
271 225 GHz Atmospheric Reciever--Users Manual Zhong-Yi Liu 08-01-87
272 Antenna Test Range Automation W. A. Will (Summer student), R. D. Norrod, S. Srikanth 08-01-87
273 PCI-3000 Manual B. B. Stevens 09-01-87
274 Chirp Transform Spectrometer for Millimeter Spectroscopy L. D'Addario 01-01-88
275 Cryogenic HEMT Low-Noise Receiver for 1.3 to 43 GHz Range S. Weinreb, M. Pospieszalski, R. Norrod 02-01-88
276 Design of a Microstrip DC Block Bevan Bates 02-01-88
277 Aperture Efficiency for Prime Focus Paraboloidal Reflectors and Cassegrain Antennas Frequency and Temperature Dependence S. Srikanth 02-01-88
278 Design and Performance of Cryogenically-Cooled,15 GHz, HEMT Amplifier M. Pospieszalski 06-01-88
279 A New Approach to Modeling of Noise Parameters of FET's and MODFET's and Their Frequency and Temperature Dependence M. Pospieszalski 07-01-88
280 An Adjustable Short Circuit for Millimeter Waveguides A. Kerr 07-01-88
281 A New 290-310 GHz Mixer Nancyjane Bailey, A. R. Kerr 08-01-88
282 43 GHz, Cooled, Low-Noise Amplifier S. Weinreb, R. Harris, M. Rothman 12-01-88
283 A S/X, Four Channel, Cryogenic Dewar Package R. D. Norrod 04-01-89
284 IF System Manual for Spectral Processor S. D. White, D. R. Schiebel 01-01-90
285 Accuracy of Noise Temperature Measurement of Cryogenic Amplifiers J. D. Gallego, M. W. Pospieszalski 02-01-90
286 Design and Performance of Cryogenically Coolable L-Band HEMT Amplifiers J. D. Gallego, M. W. Pospieszalski 02-01-90
287 85-3 S and X Receiver System J. R. Coe 04-01-90
288 Pointing Calibration of the ESSCO 45-ft Antenna at Green Bank F. Ghigo 06-01-90
289 Efficiency and System Temperature Measurements of Antenna 85-3 F. Ghigo 09-01-90
290 Infrared Filters for Cryogenic Receivers J.W. Lamb 04-01-92
291 Progress on Tunerless SIS Mixers for the Window 200-300 GHz Band A.R. Kerr, S.K. Pan
A.W. Lichtenberger, D.M. Lea
292 A Study of Materials for a Broadband Millimeter-Wave Quasi-optical Vacuum Window, and Addendum 1 A.R. Kerr, N. Bailey, D.E. Boyd, N. Horner 04-13-93
293 Hybrid Spectrometer User Manual A. Dowd 08-01-92
294 Hawaii S and X Receiver System S.D. White 04-01-93
295 Some Fundamental and Practical Limits on Broadband Matching to Capacitive Devices and the Implications for SIS Mixer Design A. R. Kerr 09-01-93
296 Evaluation of Electrical Device Interference Portential to Radio Astronomy Observations J. R. Fisher 08-01-94
297 Characterization and Optimization of the NRAO/Balzer's Three Stage Closed Cycle JT Refrigerator D. Schroeter, J. Lamb 11-01-94
298 GBT Weather Station D. Seaman 03-01-95
299 20 Meter S/X Receiver S. White 04-01-95
300 GBT Prime Focus Temperature Controller S. D. White 11-01-95
301 The Sinuous Antenna - A Dual Polarized Element for Wideband Phased Array Feed Application K. S. Saini, R. F. Bradley 08-15-95
302 Surface Impedance of Superconductors and Normal Conductors In EM Simulators A. R. Kerr 02-19-96
303 A Full Waveguide Band Orthomode Junction E. Wollack 05-16-96
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307 Phased Array Feeds for Low Noise Reflector Antennas J. R. Fisher 09-24-96
308 On the Noise Properties of Balanced Amplifiers A. R. Kerr 09-10-98
309 Calibrating the GBT for Spectral Polarimetry Using Cross Correlation C. Heiles, R. Fisher 06-21-99
310 Beam Shape and System Temperature of 85-3 Telescope at 610 MHz D. Anish Roshi, F. Ghigo, and D. Balser 04-16-00
311 Autocorrelator Sampler Level Setting and Transfer (Previous link with lower OCR) J. R. Fisher 04-12-02
312 Investigation of Spectral Baseline Properties of the Green Bank Telescope (Previous links to Post Script files) J. R. Fisher, R. D. Norrod, D. S. Balser 08-27-03
Addendum (Also included in 312's pdf above.) J. R. Fisher, R. D. Norrod, D. S. Balser 11-12-04
313 Signal Analysis and Blanking Experiments on DME Interference J. R. Fisher 04-05-04
314 Extremely Low-Noise Amplification with Cryogenic FET's and HFET's: 1970-2004 Marian W. Pospieszalski 05-16-05
315 GBT 3mm Receiver Quartz Vacuum Window Fabrication Robert J. Simon 10-10-05
316 A Study of Radar Signals Received by the Green Bank Telescope J. R. Fisher, A. Singhal 05-08-06
317 A Low Cost Screened Enclosure for Effective Control of Undesired Radio Frequency Emissions Richard F. Bradley 07-17-06
318 Cryostat Cavity Noise and the Impact on Spectral Baselines Roger D. Norrod 04-16-07
319 Recommendations for Waveguide Interfaces to 1 THz J.L. Hesler, A.R. Kerr, W. Grammer, and E. Wollack 07-26-07
320 Analysis of a Single-Conversion, Analog/Digital Sideband-Separating Mixer Prototype J. R. Fisher and M. A. Morgan 06-16-08
321 Microwave Loss Reduction in Cryogenically Cooled Conductors R. Finger and A. R. Kerr 07-03-08
322 Evaluation of a Stirling-cycle Refrigerator R. Norrod 09-09-08
323 On Radiation Loading in Cryogenic Dewars and Emissivity Measurements for Radiation Shield Materials S. White, R. Simon, and G. Petencin 04-21-11
324 NRAO 43m Antenna Coordinates and Angular Limits (Version 4) G. Langston 09-14-12