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The state/status frame can be found near the bottom of any CLEO application that attaches to an YGOR manager. State/Status FrameThe frame provides information on the health of a manager (its status) and what the manager is currently doing (its state). The frame also contains three indicators whose color show whether or not the screen is currently 'connected' to a device. A timestamp, when appropriate, is included at the right of the frame for one of the manager's samplers. The 'ticking' of the timestamp should give you a sense of confidence that the connection to the manager is up and working.


The Status widget provides a text description of the Status (health) of a manager. The background of the widget will turn colors depending upon the severity of problems with the device. Here's a list of possible status values, the colors used, and a description of what the values mean:

Manager Status
Text Color Description
clear white The device has no problems.
Info light blue Indicates an expected event.
Notice cyan Unexpected events that are not reported at the more severe levels. This level includes illegal actions by users.
Warning green-yellow Unexpected or possible problem-causing event which requires more careful monitoring or investigation by the operator.
Error orange An event has occurred which requires a specific action by the operator, such as notifying the contact engineer.
Fault orange-red An event which will cause the system to -- at least in part -- generate bad observational data or prevents the completion of actions.
Fatal red An unexpected and problem-causing event which requires some action by telescope personnel, i.e., equipment or personnel are in danger. 
Unknown red The status cannot be determined by CLEO.

The YGOR message window will show more detailed information whenever the status is other than 'clear'.


The State widget reports what the manager is currently doing. The background of the widget will turn colors depending upon the state of the device. Here's a list of possible state values, the colors used, and a description of what the values mean:

Manager States
Text Color Description
NotInService red The manager is not available (most likely because its device has been removed for servicing).
Off red The manager is off (i.e., no one currently want to use it).
Standby yellow The manager has been off and has just been turned on.
Ready white The normal, non-observing state of a device.
Activating cyan The manager is currently activating either because the user has altered a parameter and maybe about to start an observation.
Committed yellow The manager is ready to start an observation at the appropriate start time.
Running light green The manager is in the middle of an observation.
Stopping orange The manager has just finished an observation and will soon be back to Ready.
Aborting red The manager received an abort command and will immediately return to Ready.
NotConnected cyan The state cannot be determined by CLEO.
Simulated cyan This is a CLEO testing mode and should never be seen.

Connection Indicators:

The three color indicators to the right of the State widget show whether the connections to YGOR are up (green) or down (red). The three indicators contain letters to remind you what connections they represent:

M : connection to the Manager.
A : connection to the Accessor
T : connection to the Transporter.

You should look at the YGOR fundamentals documentation for more information on what these mean.

State/Status Frame - broken connectionsHere's an example of what the state/status frame will look like if CLEO cannot connect to the application's manager. Note that even the time stamp will indicate something is amiss.

State/Status Popup:

As a debugging tool, if you right double click the mouse anywhere State/Status Popupinside a state/status frame, a popup window will appear that will tell you everything CLEO knows about the manager. You'll need to understand the concepts behind an YGOR manager to appreciate the information provided by the popup.

Note that we have repeated all of the information included in the application's state/status frame. Included on the popup is a "Menu Control" menu which will allow you to control the manager similar to what you can do with the application's menu bar Manager item. 


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