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tkCon is an interactive Tcl/Tk console that we have modified to work under segeste and talk to the YGOR system.  It's a splendid little console, written in Tcl by Jeffrey Hobbs and designed for Tcl users.  tkCon will be useful for those who:

  • need to debug YGOR and segeste from a low level, or 
  • want to write Tcl scripts to automate data taking or hardware testing.

It has many powerful features like:

  • Color coding of user-typed commands and procedures.
  • Flashing indicating the completion of parenthesis (just like emacs!).
  • Built-in source editor and debuggers.
  • Powerful command history.
  • Path, procedure, and variable name expansion.
  • Multiple consoles which can have there own Tcl interpreters or which can share interpretors.
  • Captures stdout and stderr to console window.
  • Enhanced history searching.
  • Cut / Copy / Paste between windows.

The console is so powerful that we have had to place it under Gateway access control just as if it were the CLEO screen for the antenna.

Those who want to take full advantage of this powerful interactive console should read the TkCon Documentation.

You might also want to read Mark Clark's documentation on how to use segeste and Tcl/Tk to interact with the YGOR system.


Tkcon: Documentation ] TkCon: Purpose & Features ] TkCon: Limitations ] TkCon: To Do Ideas ] TkCon for Non-Tcl Users ] TkCon: Getting Started ] TkCon: Special Bindings ] TkCon: Procedures ] TkCon: dump procedure ] TkCon: tkcon procedure ] TkCon: idebug procedure ] TkCon: observe procedure ]

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