Web Page Design

Forms: Start with Content and Structure will follow


Forms are easy to design with any of the WYSIWYG editors

What happens when the user hits a 'submit' button?

  • Contents of the form are sent back to a web server

  • Web server runs the CGI script and does something with the contents of the form

  • The CGI script then sends back ASCII text that defines the web page the user will next see.

What's a CGI script?

  • Written in any computer language (usually Perl, C-Shell script, Tcl, sometimes even Fortran!)

  • Accepts text from standard input

  • Understands the syntax of CGI so that it can interpret the input

  • Writes to standard output a proper HTML page

  • Placed in a special area so that the web server can find and run it when a user calls for it


set text [read stdin ]
exec /usr/ucb/mail rmaddale@nrao.edu << $text
puts "Content-type: text/HTML\n"
puts "<HTML>"
puts "<HEAD>"
puts "</HEAD>"
puts "<BODY>"
puts "Thank you for submitting this form"
puts "</BODY></HTML>"

Produced the following mail message:

From nobody@sadira.gb.nrao.edu Thu Feb 18 11:11 EST 1999
X-UIDL: 651bad9a58ba02bf74ea94c21754bea4
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 11:11:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Nobody <nobody@sadira.gb.NRAO.EDU>
To: rmaddale@nrao.edu


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