Web Page Design

Start with Content and Structure will follow



  • Focus on CONTENT

  • Next, focus on HTML structure

  • Focus on CONTENT

  • Don't absorb yourself on how the page looks with your browser, on your screen, color depth, etc., because you need to...

  • Focus on CONTENT

  • Check-check-check with various browsers, machine architectures, ....

  • Focus on CONTENT

For page structure:

  • Use the proper structure tags for the appropriate items.  HEADINGs for headings, LISTs for lists.

  • Remember BREAKs and PARAGRAPHs are two different things.

  • Start using CSS and avoid deprecated HTML features.

  • Use a consistent 'style' with recurring themes (colors, image maps, navigational aids, etc.) throughout your site

For Page Content:

  • Don't bury information in a block of text (Example)

  • Each page should stand on its own (Example)

  • Don't over emphasize (Example)

  • Don't over link.  Don't 'Click' 'Here' under penalty of death (Example).

  • Use 'ANCHOR's judiciously (the last example used anchors).

 Last Updated on September 05, 2002

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