Web Page Design

Tables & Frames: Start with Content and Structure will follow


Table guidelines:

  • The workhorse of web design.  LEARN how to use them.

  • Anything can go in tables, including tables

  • Borderless tables are more common than those you can see

  • Use table caption and header cells when your content is a caption or header.  

Frame guidelines:

  • ONLY when necessary.  Most framed web sites could be better done with tables!

  • Always create a NOFRAME section for those who can stand being inside frames.

  • Only a few editors can help you create and maintain frames.

  • Watch out when your site has a link out of your site.  Make sure you use TARGET="_top" with your links to other sites to avoid someone else's frames sitting inside your frames.

 Last Updated on September 05, 2002  

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