Web Page Design

Some Details


  • Sign and date your page (see example below).

  • Copyright your page (see example below).

  • Add 'contact' and/or comment link.

  • Add download recommendations for browsers, acrobat reader, ghostview, etc.  Anything a 'customer' might not have but would need to view your site.

  • Spell check

  • Proofread

  • Add ALT's to all images (for those who turn off image viewing)

  • Add META information in header.  For example:

    <META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Ron Maddalena">
    <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="web page design;html;html editors;html tools">
    <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="A Technical seminar on web page creation">

  • Always add a 'title' to the page.

  • Check the page on various browsers; various screen sizes; on a PC, UNIX, and Mac; with images on and off.

  • If you've used images for navigation, also add a text menu of links

  • In all cases, add a link back to the 'home' page of your site.

  • When possible, add height/width information for images -- speeds up the browser's ability to layout a screen.

  • While your at it, chop down the sizes of those image sizes even more and speed up a page's download speed.

  • Make sure you use the proper structures for the proper content.  For example, headings should be within header structures.

  • If link points to a large file/image for, warn the viewer of the size of the object.

  • Use PDF files, not PostScript, for the general public.  Not many have PS printers or GhostView installed on their home computers.

  • Check for broken links (now and forever more).

  • Check that you've used relative pathnames whenever possible.

  • Download your pages to where our web server can find them and test them from there.

  • Advertise your site.  Publicize/Register it with Yahoo, AltaVista, etc. or use www.netcreations.com/postmaster or www.submit.it.com to submit your site to more than one search index and directory.

 Last Updated on September 05, 2002

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