Web Page Design

Issues to consider


Your page design must consider the following issues:

  • What browser do you expect your viewers will use?
  • What experience level do you expect of your visitor?
  • What does your page look like if the viewer turns the display of images off ?
  • What if the 'customer' has a different CRT screen size than what you are using?
  • Could their display have only 256 colors or 16-bit colors instead of your 24-bit color?
  • What does your page look like on a Mac, PC, Unix machine?
  • Will your user be connecting to the internet over a slow modem or will they be always on the LAN or NRAO intranet?
  • Will your page still carry content if the page uses Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, VBScript,... but the user has turned off these capabilities?

 Last Updated on September 05, 2002

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