Orbiting VLBI Memo Series

The Orbiting VLBI memo series describing the design and construction of the tracking station is summarized here. Many memos are available on-line.


1     5/27/90     C              L. D'Addario      
OVLBI Earth Station Memo Series

2     5/27/90     O              L. D'Addario      
Radioastron Communication Link Parameters

3     8/1/90      C              L. D'Addario      
OVLBI Timekeeping with the VLBA Formatter

4     9/7/90      C, A5          L. D'Addario      
Requirements for Feeds and Optics on the 45-foot Antenna in Green Bank

5     11/27/90    C, A4          S. Srikanth       
A Possible Optics Scheme for the 45-Foot Antenna in Green Bank

6     10/19/90    O, S15         R. Linfield       
Orbit Determination Requirements for VSOP and Radioastron

7     8/31/90     C              R. Linfield       
Several Potential Error Sources for Round Trip Doppler Measurements ... 

8     1/11/91     C, A13         L. D'Addario      
Software Requirements for the Green Bank OVLBI Earth Station

9     1/10/91     C              R. Linfield and J. Springett
The Need for Doppler Compensation in the Phase Uplink for VSOP and ...

10    4/9/91      C              L. D'Addario      
Recovery from Communication Dropouts

11    4/24/91     O, A3, A10     L. D'Addario      
Two-Way Timing Measurement with Uplink Compensation

12    6/4/91      C              L. D'Addario      
Green Bank Earth Station:  System Design Principles

13    6/11/91     C, A8          D. Varney and L. D'Addario
Earth Station Control Computer - Operating System Selection

14    6/13/91     C              L. D'Addario      
Performance Measurements of the Green Bank 45-Foot (13.7-M) Antenna

15    6/6/91      C              R. Linfield       
Orbit Determination Requirements for VSOP and Radioastron

16    7/19/91     C              R. Linfield       
Data Loss as a Function of Orbit Prediction Accuracy for VSOP

17    10/8/91     C              B. Shillue        
Low-Noise Amplifier Gain Compression and Intermodulation Distortion

18    11/20/91    C              B. Shillue        
A Frequency-Selective Surface for the OVLBI Earth Station:  Initial

19    7/10/91     C              L. D'Addario      
Proposed Earth Station to Correlator Interface for Timing Corrections

20    12/6/91     C              L. D'Addario      
Two-Way Timing Residuals:  Data Characteristics and Methods of Handling

21    Dec. 91     C              A. Novikov        
Radioastron Downlink Decoder Specification for USSR Earth Stations

22    12/12/91    C              L. D'Addario      
Notes on Phase Downlink Signal Processing

23    12/30/91    C              R. Hudson and D. A. Czenkusch
Gravitational Effects on OVLBI Timing Link

24    Feb. '92    C              A. Novikov and V. Promislov
IBM PC VLBA Recording Terminal Control Software Working Under MS-DOS

25    3/11/92     C              L. D'Addario      
Real-Time Processing of Downlink Phase Measurements

26    4/24/92     C              B. Shillue        
Measurement Results of Sandwich FSS

27    4/27/92     C              B. Shillue        
Feed and Optics Design for the Green Bank OVLBI Earth Station

28    5/14/92     C              L. D'Addario and D. Varney
Decision to Change Operating System of the Control Computer

29    May 1992    C              V. Altunin et al.
Comparison of RF Methods for Testing of a Space Radio Telescope ... 

30    7/25/92     C              L. D'Addario      
Polarizations of VSOP and RADIOASTRON Radio Links

31    7/24/92     C              T. Murphy         
Pointing Accuracy of the 45-Foot Antennna

33    8/31/92     C              L. D'Addario
Software Code Control Procedures for Green Bank OVLBI Earth Station

34    8/30/92     C              R. Hudson
Recorder Acceptance Tests Report

35    7/20/92     C              R. Hudson
Decoder Preliminary Design

36    9/14/92     C              L. D'Addario
Synchronization of Slow & Fast Reference Signals After Long Transmission

37    1/6/93      C              L. D'Addario
Notes on Internal Software Design Review Meeting of 12/18/92

38    2/4/93      O, A64            L. D'Addario
Post-Pass Processing of Two-Way Timing Measurements

39    4/12/93     C              L. D'Addario
Notes on the Hardware Design Review of March 1993

40    5/10/93     C              B. Shillue        
Tests of Digital Attenuators

41    5/18/93     C              B. Shillue
Measurement Results:  Corrugated Horns and FSS

42    6/2/93      C              L. D'Addario      
Software Design Review of May 1993 and Documentation Status

43    7/26/93     C              L. D'Addario      
Software Standards for the GBES Project

44    9/13/93     C              G. Langston and L. D'Addario      
Global Schedule File Design Document

45    9/15/94     C              G. Langston
Astronomical Surveys with the GBES

46    6/01/94     C              L. D'Addario      
Specification for a Program to Generate Simulation of Downlink Headers

47    7/12/94     C              L. D'Addario      
System Phase Noise Requirements

48    7/02/94     C              L. D'Addario      
Reference Transmission System: Design and Test Results

49    8/29/94     C              L. D'Addario      
OVLBI Decoder Test Fixture

50   10/09/94     C              L. D'Addario      
VSOP Compatibility Tests at Green Bank, September 1994

51   12/07/94     C              L. D'Addario      
Hardware Documentation Standards

52   12/12/94     C              G. Langston      
Plan for Modifications to 45' Access Hatch

53   12/12/94     C              G. Langston      
Modifications to 45' Access Hatch

54   01/24/95     C              G. Langston      
GBES Antenna Efficiency Measurements of April 1994

55   03/22/95     C              L. D'Addario      
Correlating Orbiting Radio Telescope Data with Time Corrections

56   04/03/95     C              L. D'Addario      
Reduction of Phase Residuals to Time Units

57   01/30/95     O              G. Langston      
GBES Antenna Pointing Offsets for 1994

58   11/28/95     C              A. Minter, L. D'Addrio, G. Langston      
GBES Observations of Surfsat

59   03/11/96     C              L. D'Addario
Pulse Calibration for Orbiting VLBI

60   02/18/96     C              L. D'Addario
Tone Extraction Using Fanned-Out Data

61   04/04/96     C              L. D'Addario
VSOP Compatibility Tests at Green Bank, March 96

62   05/14/96     C              A. Minter
Ionospheric and Tropospheric Corrections for the Deltat T File

63   05/25/96     C              A. Minter
Estimating the Tropospheric Correction for Delta T Data

64   07/08/96     C              L. D'Addario
Post-Pass Processing of Two-Way Timing Measurements

65   08/10/96     C              L. D'Addario
Effects of Earth Station Clock Error on Correlator Time Corrections

66   05/25/96     C              A. Minter
Conversion of Two-Way Timing Data to Doppler Data

67   12/23/96     C              L. D'Addario
Compatibility Tests between JPL Data Generator and Usuda Tracking Station

68   01/12/97     C              L. D'Addario
Comparison of Decoder Designs -- VSOP Mode

69   01/12/97     C              L. D'Addario
Doppler File Time Tag Offset

70   03/17/97     C              G. Langston
NRAO Orbiting VLBI Earth Station Coordinates

71   04/24/97     C              L. D'Addario
Details of Post Pass Processing of the Time Correction Data

72   04/01/98     C              A. Minter
GBES Tracking Station Summary Report

73   07/02/98     C              L. D'Addario
RadioAstron Link Budgets for High Orbit

74   02/24/99     C              G. Langston
Usuda Time Correction File Tests: Phase detection delays

75   03/31/99     C              G. Langston
Usuda - HALCA Range Prediction: The orbitUsuda program

76   TBD          U              G. Langston
Topic: Usuda Time Corrections File

77   11/09/99     C              A. Minter, D. Pedtke and A. Wester
RadioAstron Compatibility Tests At Green Bank, May 1999
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78   12/07/99     C              A. Minter
Installation of the VSOP Tape Recorder in Green Bank.

79   12/09/99     C              A. Minter
Remove MCB Operation of the VLBA Tape Drives.

80   11/15/00     C              G. Behrens, G. Anderson, G. Watts and G. Langston
S/X Feed Horn Properties at 2025 to 2120 MHz.

81   10/30/01     C              G. Langston
GBES Antenna Pointing Offsets for 2001.

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The OVLBI tracking station project is operated by the NRAO for NASA.

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