Tools to Build Web Pages
Other Tools to fill in the gaps

Tools to Build Web Pages 

If you create lots of web pages or are managing a 'site', you might need to augment your toolbox with a few 'helper' applications. Here's a sampling of free products or the best in their class.

HTML Validators

If you create your pages with a code editor or, heaven forbid, Notepad, VI or Emacs, then invest in a HTML validator. One such validator is: CSE HTML Validator which you can find at:

HTML Converters

Lots of WordPerfect files? Lotus? Excel, etc. and you don't like the web pages the office products produce? Get HTML Transit ( It's expensive but worth it in labor saving.

Web Site Managers

If you have more than a dozen web pages to maintain, then consider yourself a web master. All real web masters use some kind of web-site maintenance tools.

Corel Web-site Builder comes with WP Suite 8, but it lacks the management powers found in AOL Press. Skip Web-site builder and use AOL Press.

For those who are maintaining a complicated web-site, the only free product I know of is Frontier ( Lots of power and a long learning curve but it looks like it is worth considering.

Image Editors

Need to create a button, arrow, image map? Lots of drawing programs out there that will produce GIF and JPEG images. What's the best for under $100? Paint Shop Pro 5(~ $80; has been favorably compared to Adobe Photoshop (~ $700).

PSP5 is a bit-map image editor and includes Animation Shop where in under 5 minutes I created:



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