Tools to Build Web Pages
Office Suites: pick your poison

Tools to Build Web Pages 

Both Corel and Microsoft Office suites allow one to create web pages. They're useful but far from perfect!


  • The way to go if you already have files or memos in the suite's format or you need to write an HTML document with equations.
  • Nothing new to learn. 


  • Very limited powers (e.g., no image maps, frames,...). 
  • Produces second-rate documents.  All produced HTML files benefit from hand cleaning using any of the other HTML editor.
  • The program, not you, is in charge of the format of the output file.  Mostly HTML 2, not even 3.2

How you use them:

  • WYSIWYG editors 
  1. Create document in WP or Word format using 'normal' WP/Word editing
  2. Click the 'convert to HTML' button and...
    1. Lots of your hard work in formatting is destroyed.
    2. What can be converted to HTML is converted, the rest of your formatting is destroyed.
    3. Sometimes figures/equations are automatically turned into images (with links to them), other time, all the interesting stuff never makes it to HTML.

Large user community means the 'future' of HTML editors might be office suites.

Corel Word Perfect 7

  • Good for text, tables, equations, and drawings.
  • Saves drawings and equations as GIF files.  
  • Requires some 'hand cleaning' -- background color, table borders, header text sizes, too many line breaks.

Corel WordPerfect 8

  • Same defects/powers as WP7
  •  Equation images are 'blank/transparent' and nothing shows and requires 'fixing' with an image editor! 
  • Comes with Corel Web-Site builder for maintaining sites. More later on this pitiful product!

MS Word 97

  • Good for text, tables -- doesn't handle drawings at all!! 
  • Equations? Don't know. I'll need to check this out!! 
  • Requires less 'hand cleaning' than WP 
  • No site-building tools.

My Choice/suggestions:

WP7 since it produces pages that almost are right.

 Last Updated on September 05, 2002

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