Tools to Build Web Pages
Standalone Editors: Choices Galore

Tools to Build Web Pages 

Standalone editors are a dime a dozen and most are very good. Many are free but the really interesting ones cost big bucks (>$100). Here's a sampling of the ones I've used, most of which are available in Green Bank or for downloading.


  • Lots of editors to pick from.
  • All have some pluses.


  • Too many editors to pick from.
  • Need external image editor if you want to create images.
  • All have some minuses.
  • Probably will need more than one to meet your HTML needs.
  • Still need to learn HTML (basic HTML if it's WYSIWYG editor)

How you use them:

  • Some are WYSIWYG editors, other are code-based, but MOST are both!  


AOL Press

  • Comes in a Solaris/Win9x/WinNT/Mac flavors!
  • Good for text but poor table support.
  • Very good with frames.
  • Creates and manages image maps!
  • One of the best 'free products' that does site management really well.
  • Complete HTML 3.2 with some HTML 4 (e.g., some support for CSS)
  • WYSIWYG as well as color-coded code editor
  • Spell checker, link checker
  • Really good documentation
  • Also an adequate browser
  • FREE!!! From


  • FULL HTML 4, not IE4's or Netscape's water-downed DHTML
  • Also a browser, a FULL HTML 4 browser.
  • Spell Checker.
  • Can make a 'book' out of a series of web pages.
  • Includes an equation editor (Yipee!) but only a true HTML 4 browser can view the results (i.e., IE4 and Netscape can't render the equations produced by Amaya).
  • Not an easy learning curve. Although it's a WYSIWYG editor, you'll need to learn HTML4, CSS, etc.
  • FREE!!! And available for Solaris as well. From


  • Code-based editor with some auto-formatting features
  • HTML 3.2 plus some HTML 4, and good at it as well.
  • Some site management tools
  • Best code-based editor I've found for the price (FREE!!!).
  • From


  • Code-based editor but with some auto-formatting features.
  • HTML 3.2, 4, and CSS
  • Integrates better with IE4 than Netscape.
  • Also an editor for C++, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Dos Batch, Tcl/Tk, and Perl; can be configured by a user for any additional languages. And, it shows in that it's not as easy to learn/use as Arachnophilia.
  • $20 Australian from

My Choice/suggestions:

AOL Press is my workhorse, especially for its web-site management tool. But I'll be using Amaya for learning HTML 4. EditPlus for code-based editing since I use it for most of my Tcl/Tk programming. Arachnophilia great if you won't use the other features of EditPlus. 


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