The Green Bank Telescope

Visitors/Observer accounts

GBT observers and those carrying out GBT data reduction with Green Bank Obsevatory (GBO) computers will need a linux GBO "visitor" account. The use of visitor accounts is governed by the Observatories acceptable use and security policies.

Before you can be issued a GBO visitor/observer computer account, you need to be cleared by the US Government via the NRAO Export/Import Management and Compliance Department. This is done by filling out the following form:

GBO visitor and computer account clearance form

You need to provide the name of your local "NRAO Host" at the Green Bank Observatory, e.g., your GBT project friend. This is a general purpose form. For computer accounts, state in the form under "Other Selection Information" that you are requesting a GBT observer computer account.

After filling out the above "clearance form", submit the information listed below to The GBO computer group will then get back to you shortly with your new account information.

GBO Computer Account Request Form

*Your name
*Visitors full name
*Visitors home email address

Linux, Windows or both?
NRAO username, if you already have one
Start date/Finish date
phone and fax numbers
Linux Shell preference: bash or tcsh
Any other information you think could be relevant (e.g., GBT project number)

* = Required information

GBT users who need their account passwords reset or have their old accounts re-activated should also send e-mail to


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Last updated 15 October 2018 by Chris Clark