The Green Bank Telescope

Tape and CDRW drives on UNIX machines in GB

Here is a list of currently available tapedrives on UNIX hosts in GB:

Host (public)Media TypeDevice      Max. Cap.LocationAdditional Info
volansMammoth2/dev/st160 GBGBI controlEXABYTE Mammoth2, Rev. v06k
volansDDS-4/dev/st020 GBGBI controlPython 06408-XXX, Rev. 8130 (DELL PV 100T)
volansAIT-3/dev/st2100 GBGBI controlSONY SDX-700C, Rev. 0101
volansCDR/CDRW/dev/hdc700 MBGBI controlSAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-308B, Rev. T100
volansDVD+RW/dev/hdd4.4 GBGBI controlTOSHIBA CD/DVDW SD-R5372
bratacCDR/CDRW/dev/scd0700 MBGBI controlSAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-308B, Rev. T100
bratacDDS-4/dev/st120 GBGBI controlHP C5683A, Rev. C911, S# 89
bratacDLT7/dev/st035 GBGBI controlQUANTUM DLT7000, Rev. 2561 (DELL PV 110T)
bratacBlu-ray/dev/scd050 GBJansky 234Dual layer blu-ray BH08LS20
geezerBlu-rayN/A50 GBLibraryDual layer blu-ray BH08LS20
lodestarExabyte/dev/rmt/05 GBGBI control roomEXABYTE EXB-8505HE-0000, Rev. 0096
Host (non public)Media TypeDeviceCap.LocationAdditional Info
eulerAIT-3/dev/st0100 GBserver roomSONY SDX-700C, Rev. 0204
eulerSDLT-320/dev/st1160 GBserver roomQUANTUM SDLT320, Rev. 5E5E
eulerSDLT-600/dev/st1300 GBserver roomQUANTUM SDLT600, Rev. 2B2B
etaminSDLT-600/dev/st0300 GBserver roomQUANTUM SDLT600, 1F1F
andromedaDDS-4/dev/rmt/020 GBserver roomHP C5713
andromedaDDS-4/dev/rmt/020 GBserver roomHP C5713A, Rev. H910, S# 9, stacker
loggerDDS-3/dev/rmt/012 GBserver roomHP C1537A, Rev. L706, S#62

Not sure how to use them? Have a look to our CDR/CDRW and tape instructions.


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