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Green Bank Interference Protection Group

"Providing the best possible access to the radio spectrum for observers."

The Green Bank Interference Protection Group is responsible for minimizing radio frequency interference to astronomical observations from equipment and activities at the Observatory, in the West Virginia Radio Astronomy Zone (WVRAZ), and in the National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ).

On-Site RFI Mitigation...

RFI Policy  - What Every Green Bank Employee Needs to Know  (Powerpoint Presentation)

RFI Mitigation in the 10 mile radius...

Power Line RFI 

Select the link below to listen

AM Radio Powerline RFI audio
CB Radio Powerline RFI audio

M330 Powerline RFI locator audio
AR8000 Receiver Powerline RFI audio


Cable TV RFI

Intentional Radiators

IEEE 802.11a 5 GHz wireless bands:
5150-5250 MHz (USA lower band)
5250-5350 MHz (USA middle band)
5725-5825 MHz (USA upper band)
More info

Observer Tools...

RFI Scans, Summaries, and Known Sources

Realtime Display of the 43m Spectral Band Pass, 800 - 1600 MHz

Frequency Allocations

DTV Channels in WV

Geostationary Satellite Look Angles from the GBT


8025 - 8400 MHz

Our Equipment...

Portable Emissions Measurement Setup

IEEE-299 Portable SE Test Setup

Waveguide SE Test Setup

Anechoic Chamber

RFI Survey Antenna

"Deer Stand" RFI Monitoring/RFI Monitoring Station

Power Line RFI Locating Tools

Cable TV RFI sniffing setup

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Modified on March 23, 2006