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GBT Student Support Program

In consultation with its user community, the NRAO has formulated a program to support GBT research by students, both graduate and undergraduate, at U.S. universities.  This program strengthens the proactive role of the Observatory in training new generations of telescope users.  This program has also been designed to be extensible to other NRAO telescopes, should such opportunities arise.  More general information on the program structure and background information is available in the Introduction to the GBT Student Support Program. section.

A brief summary of the steps for the application process follows.

  • New applications to the program may be submitted along with new GBT observing proposals at any proposal deadline.
  • Applications begin with the Preliminary Funding Application Form, available as the text file gbtstudentsupport.txt. You should  download (right click and choose Save Link As.. or Save Target As ....) this file,   read the Terms and Conditions and then provide the information requested in the file.  
  • Send your completed file as an attachment inside the GBT Proposal Submission Tool along with the proposal at the time of proposal submission.  (This is the same scheme used to attach a scientific justification document).  Please do not rename this file; the file you attach to the observing proposal should be named gbtstudentsupport.txt.
  • Shortly after proposal submission of the proposal you will receive notification of the receipt of application for GBT Student Support (see Introduction to the GBT Student Support Program.).  If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 5 days following the proposal deadline, please contact Toney Minter.
  • Shortly after the announcement of the disposition of your GBT observing proposal, you will receive notification about the disposition of your application for GBT Student Support.  This latter notification will come from Joan Wrobel, the GBT Student Support Coordinator.
  • If your application is approved, then you will be required to fill in the Final Funding Proposal Budget Form and the Budget Narrative Form within 30 days of the start of the scheduled observations related to your application .  Funding is contingent upon conditions outlined in the General Provisions for GBT Student Support.

Version 2002 September 6

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