GBT Observing setup configurations

This page is intended to provide timely advice on what works and what doesn't work for setting up the GBT systems for observing or commissioning.

Users guide for GBT observing

Weather forecasts for high frequency observing

Remote Observing and VNC instructions.

Exposure Calculator     Map planner       Spectral config advisor

GBT Performance / Planning Guide

KA receiver (26-40 GHz) observing advice.

VLBI Operation Checklist

VLBI setup summaries.

Traditional Pointing Model

Pulsar observing with the ACS Spigot.[OBSOLETE]

Pulsar observing with the BCPM

AIPS++ Standards

Pulsar observing with the GBPP

Comet and satellite tracking.

Radar Observing with the GBT

Summary of LO/IF system.