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Present & Future Projects
Project Prime Date Backup Date UT Time Disk Usage Correlator F(GHz) Starting Coordinates PI Project Description Stations
AGBT17A_998 / RK20A / GS042 / did not run due to Power Outage 2018/05/14
SK 19:45-23:15
Mark5C ASC
22.2 GHz
AZ=°   EL=° Kovalev et al Evolution of High Brightness Temperature AGN Cores with RadioAstron GBT, RadioAstron, Jb2, Ef, Mc, On60, T6, Ur, Tr, Mh, Ys, Hh, Sv, Zc, Bd, Kt, Ky, Ku, Sr, VLBA, Y27, At
AG17C001 / GG084B 2018/05/26 23:00-06:00 Mark5C 4678GB JIVE 4.8 GHz AZ=124°   EL=18° Ghirlanda et al
Ghirlanda et al
Do binary neutron star mergers always produce a jet? GBT, VLBA
AVLB16A_348_06 / BM440F 2018/06/17 10:30-20:30 Mark5C 4000 GB Socorro 8.4 GHz AZ=+18°   EL=47° Melis et al Pleiades Binaries for the Masses GBT, VLBA, EB, AR
AVLB17B_152 / BM465C 2018/06/29 04:00-06:30 Mark5C 1548 GB Socorro 1.6 GHz AZ=-72°   EL=84° Maccarone et al
Maccarone et al
Trigonometric Parallax for a Globular Cluster GBT, VLBA