Using the Green Bank-Berkeley Pulsar Processor (GBPP) with the GBT


The GBPP (Green Bank - Berkeley pulsar processor) is a machine for measuring pulsar timing which employs digital de-dispersion implemented in hardware.

References on the GBPP:

How to get started in Green Bank

  1. ssh osiris -l dbacke r
  2. cd /gbpp0/mpulsar/gbpp/onlingb t
  3. DOGBPP2 {this starts up a GUI}
  4. go into the locked room where the GBPP PC is located.
  5. type "CNTRL-C", then "Yes", to stop the 85-3 program.
  6. reboot the GBPP PC by pushing the "reset" button.
  7. give Don's password when asked.
  8. type: cd 97feb\data
  9. type: gogbt1

  10. everything else is done from the session on osiris that was started up in steps 1 and 2.
  11. the astronomer needs to produce a "polyco.dat" file. Copy this file into the directory "/gbpp0/mpulsar/gbpp/onlingbt/"
  12. "dossify" the polyco.dat file:
    unix2dos polyco.dat polyco.dos
  13. In the DOGBPP2 GUI, select the correct rfif table, for example if observing at 1400 MHz, choose "rfif1400.tbl",
    then press the "UpdAll" button.
  14. Now it should be ready for observing.

  15. (To go back to the 85-3 program, repeat steps 4-8, but then type "go" instead of "gogbt1")

  16. Also see DOGBPP Help file
  17. Don's instructions
  18. Advice on rfif.tbl

File paths

  • GBT data: /home/gbpp0/mpulsar/gbpp/datagbt
  • 853 data: /home/gbpp1/mpulsar/gbpp/data85

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Last modified: Wednesday August 7, 2002