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Gripping Activities and Manuals for the 20m Radio Telescope!

Welcome to the webpage for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's 20 meter radio telescope. The telescope was originally completed in late 1994 for the USNO and was part of the NEOS. Unfortunately in 2000 it was shut down due to budget cut backs. Thankfully in 2012 it began being refurbished as part of the SkyNet telescope project. This site can be used by teachers, SKYNET users, and professional astronomers to gain access to observing on this instrument. Information about the telescope, as well as educational resources, can also be found here. Today, it is available to anyone who wishes to use it to make observations of astronomical objects!

Access to the 20m is also available through SKYNET!
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Exciting Student Activities For the 20m

Orion -- The "Avenger"

Help the Avengers save the planet Earth by awakening a legend using 10GHz radio waves!

Virgo -- Exploring the Hearts of Galaxies

Take a beautiful journey into the hearts of Virgo's galaxies to discover treacherous black holes!

Sagittarius -- Stellar Nurseries

Help the crew of the Enterprise identify active star formation in HII regions!

Star Trek -- MagnetoDrive

Save the Enterprise from certain doom by helping them navigate their way to safety using synchrotron radiation!

Star Wars -- Lunar Takeover

As a sub-contractor to the Empire, help them find a place where their cryostorm troopers can survive while dominating the Earth!