The Green Bank Interferometer (GBI)

is operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) at its Green Bank site in West Virginia. It includes three radio telescopes of 85-foot (26m) diameter, designated 85-1, 85-3, and 85-2 from left to right in the above picture. (85-1 is also known as the Tatel Telescope.) At present, 85-3 is devoted to continuous monitoring of pulsars; 85-1 and 85-2 form a one-baseline interferometer.

Note: the GBI monitoring program has ceased as of October 6, 2000, due to lack of funding. Anyone interested in using the GBI who may be able to provide operating funds should contact Phil Jewell (pjewell at


Credits:  The Green Bank Interferometer is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.  From 1978-1996, it was operated in support of USNO and NRL geodetic and astronomy programs; after 1996 in support of NASA High Energy Astrophysics programs.

Technical Data: 2-element interferometer.

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