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    Present & Future Projects
    Project Prime Date Backup Date UT Time Disk Usage Correlator F(GHz) Starting Coordinates PI Project Description Stations
    AGMVA19B-233 / MK013 2021/04/22
    9.3 GB Bonn
    3-mm (80-GHz, W-band)
    AZ=111°   EL=27° Jae-Young Kim et al Imaging Jet and Magnetic Field near the Spinning SMBH in M87 VLBA(8) + EB, PV, ON, YS, MH) + GBT + ALMA (+ LMT, GLT, and NOEMA if available)
    AGMVA21A-233 / C211a/MB016 2021/04/23
    5.8 GB
    3-mm (86-GHz
    AZ=62°   EL=37° Anne-Kathrin Baczko et al Resolving the twin-jet base in NGC 1052 Eb, On, Pv, Mh, Yb, Pb, Gb, Nl, Fd, La, Pt, Kp, Ov, Br, Mk, LMT, NOEMA (if available), KVN.