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This is the users' reference documentation for the IDL functions and procedures used in GBTIDL version 2.10.1.

All GBTIDL code can be found at $GBT_IDL_DIR. This may be different at each installation so use the IDL function GETENV to see what the value of that environment variable is after gbtidl has started. In Green Bank and Charlottesville, this location is /home/gbtidl/release/gbtidl for the latest release.

All of the NRAO-developed or modified code can be found in the pro directory tree under that top-level directory. This reference manual was made from the comments in the IDL code found there. The 4 directories with code are described here. The files describing the spectrum and continuum data containers are in pro itself.

User contributed code can be found in contrib off of the top-level directory.

IDL code from other sources that gbtidl uses can all be found in the lib tree off under the top-level directory. That code is not documented here.

There is a developer's reference manual that contains the same documentation found here. In addition, functions that are of interest only to developers because they involve internal aspects of GBTIDL are documented there.

Warnings for library


guide GBT Unipops-inspired IDL Data Environment. These are the procedures and function which attempt to follow the UniPOPS data processing model. They all use fields in a global structure. available at !g Many arguments are implicit and taken from that structure. The file definining that structure is at pro/guide/guide_struct. Most users will find that they do not need to use any of the support functions and procedures in the toolbox.

plotter These are the functions and procedures that together comprise the plotter used by guide.

toolbox These are support functions and procedures for guide. These are ignorant of the global data structure that guide uses.

toolbox/io These are the io classes used by gbtidl. General users will almost never need to use these classes directly.

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