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User Documentation

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This is the reference documentation for the user contributed IDL functions and procedures available in GBTIDL version 2.10.1

These procedures and functions are provided as is. NRAO does not routinely test these functions for correctness or compatibility with each other or with the current version of GBTIDL.

Use the which procedure to see where the source code for a procedure or function is located.

Documentation for contributed code may be incomplete in this reference manual. Users are advised to inspect the code or talk to the code's author before using any contributed code.

Note: These procedures come at the end of the IDL search path in GBTIDL. They are also not pre-compiled like the main body of GBTIDL is.

A summary of some of the user-contributed procedures:

See the GBTIDL users' reference manual for reference documentation on the functions and procedures used by GBTIDL.

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