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Slogans that reflect the true intent of TCPA/Palladium

  • Cripples your computer and costs you money.
  • TCPA - Because you can't be trusted.
  • Making all media pay per view.
  • Big brother in every box.
  • We don't trust you.
  • We don't trust you and want more money.
  • Less for more.
  • TCPA The Total Control Protocol Alliance.
  • TCPA - as trustworthy as a politician.
  • Protecting our profits.
  • Because we think you're criminals.
Contributed by Wolfgang:
  • TCPA - Treacherous Computing Platform Alliance
  • TCPA - Refuse and Resist
  • TCPA - Don't let them take YOUR RIGHTS!
  • TCPA - Just say no!

"They say when you play that M$ CD backward you can hear satanic messages" "That's nothing. If you play it forward it will install Windows XP Palladium"

Modified on 2003-Mar-03