The Fourth


School on Single-Dish Radio Astronomy

July 8-15, 2007, Green Bank, West Virginia

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4th Announcement

Registration Finalized!

Preliminary registration for the summer school has now been completed and registration fees may now be paid, please contact Becky Warner ( at +1 304-456-2227 if you wish to make payment of the $200 registration fee in advance. Fees may also be paid when you register your presence at the school, payment may be made with checks, cash or with certain credit cards. At this point we are also finalizing the accomodation arrangements, please contact Becky to inform her of your gender. This is necessary so that we can make the appropriate arrangements for those who will be sharing rooms, it is not always obvious from your names so please help us by telling us!

Hands-On Projects

We now have a preliminary list of projects for participants to run on the GBT during the school. Below is the list of projects, please email the SOC ( to indicate your first, second and third preference for your project. We will endeavour to place people on their first choice project but this may not be possible. Allocations will be on a first come, first served basis.
  1. Extra-Galactic Continuum
  2. Galactic Continuum
  3. Galactic Spectral Line
  4. Extra-Galactic Spectral Line
  5. Pulsar Observations
There is a possibility that we may be able to run a project concerned with instrumentation and technical issues, if you would be interested in taking part in such a project then please indicate this in your email to the SOC in addition to your top three choices of project.

3rd Announcement

Program Announced!

The SOC has now finalized the school program, bar one or two confirmations. It is now available from a link at the top of this page.

2nd Announcement

Deadline For Registration 2nd April!

The SOC are currently finalizing the school program. Nearly all invited speakers have now accepted and the definitive agenda will be announced shortly. There is considerable competition for places at the school, so please get your applications in soon. The deadline for registration is the 2nd of April, and the SOC will meet soon afterwards to select the final list of participants.

1st Announcement

The Green Bank (NRAO) and Arecibo (NAIC) observatories are organizing the fourth NAIC-NRAO school on single-dish radio astronomy. The summer school will take place from 8-15 July 2007 at the Green Bank observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia. The purpose of the school is to allow students, postdocs, and experts in other fields of astronomy to explore emerging techniques and applications of single-dish radio astronomy.

The school will consist of an intensive series of lectures from world-class experts as well as hands-on projects in radio astronomy. Participants will be given the opportunity to make observations using the Green Bank and Arecibo telescopes and become familiar with the observation and data-reduction process.

The primary goals are

* to provide participants with a strong grounding in fundamental elements of single-dish radio astronomy, and its relation to other observing techniques,

* to give an overview of current and emerging capabilities of single-dish radio telescopes and associated instrumentation,

* to provide practical experience with a single-dish telescope and introduce participants to the hardware and software utilised in taking and reducing observations.

Both lecturers and participants are invited to contribute posters describing research conducted with single dishes.

Proceedings of the Single Dish School, published in the ASP Conference Series, will be provided to this year's participants as part of the registration fee.

The number of participants will be limited to approximately 40 people. A registration fee of $200 will include: travel between Dulles airport and Green Bank, the welcome reception, the social events, the school banquet, and a copy of the proceedings.