Observer's Name: Ramachandran, Deshpande, Gwinn, Ghosh
Description: Measuring apparent angular sizes of pulsars behind HII regions.
Array: GBT, Arecibo, VLBA
Project ID: GR024 A   Notes GR024 B GR024 C   Notes
Receiver: Rcvr_342 Rcvr_342 Rcvr_342
Receiver Tuning Frequency: 324 MHz 324 MHz 324 MHz
Start Date/Time: Thu Oct 21, 2004 17:30 Thu Oct 21, 2004 21:00 Mon Oct 25, 2004 22:00
End Date/Time: Thu Oct 21, 2004 18:27 Fri Oct 22, 2004 01:29 Mon Oct 25, 2004 23:30
Number of tapes: 1 1(same as gr024a) 1
Tapes change times: ---
Glish setup script: ---
Receiver pol:
gain, phase, atten:
LO1 center Sky Freq:
phase cal?
324 MHz (LO2=10812)

From: Barry Clark 
Subject: GR 24 = Scattering sizes of pulsars

This is scheduled for global observation as follows:
A, October 21,    1730-1830 UT
B. October 21/22, 2100-0130
C, October 25,    2200-2330.
Bit rate is 256 Mbits/sec, stations include Arecibo and the GBT.
On the VLBA, segments A and B have been extended to be contiguous,
as the interval between is not otherwise useful.

I am herewith asking Walter Brisken to serve as local technical contact
person for this proposal.

As part of the Global session, Observe files are due in both Bologna and
Socorro by September 30.