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Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope

NRAO Green Bank


August 1, 2001
GBT Software Project Note 12.0

GBT Spectral Processor FITS File Specification

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The FITS format structure is presented for the GBT SpectralProcessor scan data files. The scan data FITS files are permanently archived after each observation, and will usually be input to the aips++ filler, which has the task of combining all scan data FITS files into an aips++ Measurement Set. This data may then either be processed further in aips++, or written out in an aips++ supported FITS format (one of which is single dish FITS).

The scan data FITS files contain both 1) a complete description of the spectral processor setup for the observation and 2) measurement data with a FITS keyword description of the data organization. The STATE and PORT tables describe the setup and the DATA table contains measured values.

Bob Garwood