What is Ygor?

Software is intangible, so we often create names for it. Ygor is the name selected for the generic portion of the GBT monitor and control software. The GBT control system is built using Ygor. It's not an acronym, but if you must, we like Ygor Generic Operating Resource. (How about  that, an infinitely recursive acronym!)

What does Ygor do?

The Ygor system has been designed for control and monitoring of the many pieces of hardware that make up the Green Bank (Radio) Telescope (GBT). In order to do this Ygor must be able to command (i.e. setup system parameters) and control (i.e. make an observation happen) these devices in an efficient manner. Ygor also must provide monitoring for logging purposes, and an alarm/messaging system for those un-expected failures.

Who is Ygor?

Ygor (pronounced ee-gor) was Dr Frankenstein's faithful servant. As a bit of trivia, I found that neither the original text by Shelly nor the first several Frankenstein movies had an Ygor. The 1931 version of Frankenstein had a character called Fritz. It wasn't until Lugosi teamed with Karloff in Son of Frankenstein(1939), that the Ygor character appeared.

Why the name Ygor?

Well, why not? We thought long and hard about this (yeah right), and figured that the icon of a faithful (but not too bright) assistant seemed fitting.

Last Update 9/22/1999


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