Instructions for ~rmaddale/bin/tsky

Ronald J Maddalena
September 9, 2014

tsky -- Returns the galactic background toward a given position at a
         given frequency using either the Fortran Tsky.f program that
         assumes a spectral index of -2.6 or an IdlUtils model which
         allows the S.I. to vary across the sky
     tsky [ -h | -help ] [ -model ( Fortran | IdlUtils | Both ) ]
          [ -coordType J2000 | B1950 | Galactic ]  [ -freq frequency ]
          [ -x xcoord ] [ -y ycoord ]
      If any model other than Both is specified, eturns a single value in K.
      Otherwise returns a value for both models (IdlUtils first, then
      Fortran results).
      The user can use default options by not specifying any command-line
      arguments or supply values to the following arguments:
      -h or -help
          Brings up this help page and all other options are ignored
      -model str
          The desired model.  Choices are Fortran, IdlUtils, or Both.
          Default is Fortran.  IdlUtils takes about 1 sec to run while
          Fortran is much, much faster.
      -freq numberMHz
          Desired frequency in MHz.  Default is 1420 MHz.
      -coordType str
          The coordinate system of the input coordinates.  Choices are J2000,
          B1950, Galactic.  Default is J2000.  Note that tyhe conversion
          is rough but good enough due to the approximations of the temperature
      -x number
      -y number
          The x and y position in the desired coordinate system.  If J2000
          or B1950, x is in HH.hhhhhh or HH:MM:SS formats and Y is in either
          sDD.dddddd or sDD:MM:SS format.  For Galatic coordinates, x is in
          DDD.dddddd format and Y is in sDD.dddddd format.  Default is 0, 0.