Instructions for ~rmaddale/bin/Planets.tclsh

Ronald J Maddalena
September 9, 2014


Calculates very rough RA, DEC, Az, El, Rise, Set, and Transit times
(in UT) for the planets, the Sun and the Moon.

Optional arguments:
   -h or -help  Brings up this help page and all other options are ignored
   -MJD         Modified Julian Date.  If not specified, assumes the
                current time
   -Lat, -Long  Latitude and Longitude of the observing position.  Defaults
                are 38.433121 and -79.839835, the location of Green Bank
   -elevLimit   Elevation limit in degrees for defining a rise or set time.

The accuracy of the topocentric coordinates for Neptune and Uranus is ~0.5
degrees and the accuracy for all other objects is ~0.1 deg.  The accuracy
of the rise, transit and set times is about 15 min.