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CLEO is basically a suite of applications. The following documents what applications exist in the GBT implementation of CLEO and summarizes what they do.

The list of available CLEO applications grows weekly. In most cases, you'll use the CLEO Launcher to start an application (see Getting Started with CLEO for how to start the CLEO Launcher; more experienced users may want to look at the CLEO manual pages for how to bypass the CLEO Launcher.).

If you are using the CLEO Launcher, the available applications can be found on a tear-off, cascading menu that you generate by either left-clicking the mouse on the big CLEO button or on the "Launch" menu bar item. The few applications that are still in development, and have not yet been released, are disabled in the menu (e.g., the Prime Focus 2 receiver in the example below).

Example of the CLEO Launch menu

The following lists the anticipated set of applications (though, more will probably exist in the final product).

  • The Messages, Status, and Manager Control applications gives the user the ability to monitor the health of the various YGOR device managers.

  • The Scan Coordinator provides a user the ability to take observation.

  • Some of the CLEO applications connect to various telescope components.

  • The applications under the Receivers cascading menu deal with various receivers.  The current suite of receivers are:

    Also under the Receivers menu you'll find the Motor Rack application, which monitors and controls various components common between all receivers.

  • The I.F. / L.O. cascading menu lists the applications dealing with the various L.O. and I.F. components.

    • L.O. 1 - The application for monitoring and controlling the L.O. 1 rack of equipment.
    • I.F. Rack - The application for monitoring and controlling the I.F rack of equipment for converting an I.F. signal onto fiber optics for transmitting the signal to the GBT equipment room.
    • Converter Rack - The application for monitoring and controlling the Converter rack of equipment for converting the fiber optics signal back to an I.F.
    • Analog Filter Rack - The application for monitoring and controlling the Analog Filter rack of equipment for down converting and detecting the I.F. signals.

  • Under the Backends cascading menu, you'll find the backend applications for controlling and monitoring the following:

  • You can also monitor the Green Bank weather stations and, the GBT water-vapor tipper.

  • Under the Utilities / Tools cascading menu, you'll find the following applications:

    • Archivist - a diagnostic tool for specifying which YGOR samplers will be logged for future analysis by a staff member.
    • Site Timing - monitors the site's maser clocks.
    • Device Explorer - another diagnostic tools that can monitor and control every device in the GBT system at a low level and in a uniform manor.
    • Sound Server - an application that allows CLEO to produce error warning sounds.
    • Scheduler - an application for creating observing files from catalogs.
    • Analyze Messages - a graphic display of messages which allows one to look for patterns in when messages occur.
    • ActuatorCal - a tool for calibrating the GBT actuators.
    • Save - Load All - a tool to save and load the configuration for all devices.
    • Clock - an LST / UT / EST clock.
    • Gateway - for designating who has 'control' of what devices. This application is password protected.
    • Sticky Notes - an application for leaving messages for other operators.
    • LST Appointment Manager - a calendar / appointment manager that works with LST.
    • tkCon Console - a freeware Tcl/Tk 'console' application, written by Jeffrey Hobbs, that we have adapted for segeste. TkCon will be useful for debugging, controlling and monitoring the GBT system at the lowest levels possible from Tcl/Tk. If you have run Glish scripts for taking test observations or to control or monitor a device, you'll find TkCon a very worthy replacement.
    • vncTool - an application to help start up, connect to a VNC server with a VNC viewer.  Helps maintain connections as well.


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