From 20 cm - 1µm: Measuring the Gas and Dust in Massive Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
K. O'Neil, E. Kearsley
2006 From Z-machines to ALMA: (Sub)millimter Spectroscopy of Galaxies
A. Baker, J. Glenn, A. Harris,J. Magnum, M. Yun, eds ASP Conference series
Archival data from the IRAS, 2MASS, NVSS, and FIRST catalogs, supplemented with new measurements of HI, are used to analyze the relationship between the relative mass of the various components of galaxies (stars, atomic hydrogen, dust, and molecular gas) using a small sample of nearby (z<0.1) massive low surface brightness galaxies. The sample is compared to three sets of published data: a large collection of radio sources from the UGC having a radio continuum intensity >2.5 mJy; a smaller sample of low surface brightness galaxies; and a collection of NIR low surface brightness galaxies. Overall, our sample properties are most similar to the NIR comparison samples in regard to color, gas, stellar, and dynamic mass ratios, etc. Based off the galaxies' FIR/1.4 GHz ratio, it appears likely that at least one of the 28 galaxies studied harbor AGN.

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