HI Line Observations of Near-Infrared Selected Low-Surface Brightness Galaxies

Authors: W. van Driel, D. Monnier-Ragaigne, C. Balkowski, S.E. Schneider,
T.Jarrett, K. O'Neil, P. Papaderos, H. Plana, G. Testor, S. Boissier, N. Prantzos

Published: XXVIIth General Assembly of the International Union os Radio Science


A multi-wavelength study is being made of 4,000 Low Surface Brightnes (LSB) galaxies detected in the 2MASS all-sky near-infrared survey. They have similar central K-band surface brightness as optially selected LSBs. About 1,000 of them were observed in the 21 cm HI line, and 30% were detected. Optical BVRI CCD photometry was obtained of 45 objects. These data provide us with important information on a large, homogenous sample of LSB galaxies (e.g., clours, gas content). they will be used to contruct models of the star formation history and evoution of LSBs, and to search for deviations from teh 'classical' Tully-fisher relation.

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