Completing HI observations of galaxies II: The Coma Supercluster
G. Gavazzi, K. O'Neil, A. Boselli, W. van Driel
2006 A&A 449, 929

ABSTRACT: High sensitivity 21-cm HI line observations, with an rms noise level of ~0.5mJy, were made of 35 spiral galaxies in the Coma Supercluster, using the refurbished Arecibo telescope, which resulted in the detection of 25 objects. These data, combined with the measurements avaiolable from the literature, provide the set of HI data for 94% of all late-type galaxies in the Coma Supercluster with an apparant photographic magnitude mp ≤ 15.7 mag. We confirm that the typical scale of HI deficiency around the Coma cluster is 2 Mpc, i.e. one virial radius. Comparing the HI mass function (HIMF) of cluster with non-cluster members of the Coma Supercluster we detect a shortage of high HI mass galaxies amoung cluster members that can be ascribed to the pattern of HI deficienct found in rich clusters.

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