CO Detection and Millimeter Continuum Emission from Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Mousumi Das, Karen O'Neil, Stuart N. Vogel, and Stacy McGaugh
2006, ApJ, accepted


We present BIMA and IRAM CO(1--0) observations of seven low surface brightness (LSB) galaxies, including three large spirals with faint disks but prominent bulges, and four relatively small LSB galaxies with irregular disks. The giant LSB galaxies are UGC 5709, UGC 6614 and F568-6 (Malin2). The smaller LSB galaxies are NGC 5585, UGC 4115, UGC 5209 and F583-1. The galaxies were selected based on their relatively high metallicity and apparent signs of star formation in their disks. The BIMA maps suggested the presence of molecular gas in 2 of the giant LSB galaxies, F568-6 and UGC 6614. Using the 30m IRAM telescope we detected CO (1--0) emission in the disks of both galaxies and in the nucleus of F568-6. The molecular gas in these galaxies is clearly offset from the nucleus and definitely associated with the LSB disk. In addition we also detected a millimeter continuum source in the center of UGC 6614. When compared with VLA 1.5 GHz observations of the galaxy, the emission was found to have a flat spectrum indicating that the millimeter continuum emission is most likely due to an active galactic nucleus (AGN) in the galaxy. Our results show that giant LSB spirals may contain significant quantities of molecular gas in their disks and also harbor radio bright AGN in their centers.

Paper avilable at astro-ph - astro-ph/0606746