The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey: II. A HI view of the Abell cluster 1367 and its outskirts

Authors:L. Cortese, R. F. Minchin, R. R. Auld, J. I. Davies, B. Catinella, E. Momjian, J. L. Rosenberg, R. Taylor, G. Gavazzi, K. O.Neil, M. Baes, A. Boselli, G. Bothun, B. Koribalski, S. Schneider10, Wim van Driel

Published:MNRAS, accepted (2007)


We present 21 cm HI line observations of 51 square degrees centered on the local Abell cluster 1367 obtained as part of the Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey. One hundred sources are detected (79 new HI measurement and 50 new redshifts), more than half belonging to the cluster core and its infalling re- gion. Combining the HI data with SDSS optical imaging we show that our HI selected sample follows scaling relations similar to the ones usually observed in optically selected samples. Interestingly all galaxies in our sample appear to have nearly the same baryon fraction independently from their size, surface brightness and luminosity. The most striking difference between HI and opti- cally selected samples resides in their large scale distribution: whereas optical and X-ray observations trace the cluster core very well, in HI there is almost no evidence of the cluster presence. Some implications on the determination of the cluster luminosity function and HI distribution for samples selected at different wavelength are also discussed.

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