ce-61: a Tidal Dwarf Galaxy in the Hercules cluster?

Authors:W. van Driel, P.A. Duc, P. Amram, F. Bournaund, C. Balkowski, V. Cayatte, J. Dickey, H. Hernandez, J. Iglesias-Paramo, K. O'Neil, P. Papaderos, J.M. Vilchez

Published:Recycling Intergalactic and Interstellar Matter

eds. P.A. Duc, J. Braine, and E. Brinks; IAU Symposium Series, Vol. 217 (2004)


A candidate Tidal Dwarf Galaxy, ce-61, was identified in the merger system IC 1182 in the Hercules supercluster. The multiwavelength data we obtained so far do not prove, however, that it is kinematically detached from the IC 1182 system and gravitationally bound.

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