Radio Observations of the AGN and Gas in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
M.Das, K.O'Neil, N.Kantharia, S.N.Vogel, S.S.McGaugh
2006 IAU synposium series

LSB galaxies are metal poor, have diffuse stellar disks and massive HI disks. We have detected molecular gas in two giant LSB galaxies, UGC 6614 and F568-6. A millimeter continuum source has been detected in UGC 6614 as well. At centimeter wavelengths we have detected and mapped the continuum emission from the giant LSB galaxy 1300+0144. The emission is extended about the nucleus and is most likely originating from the AGN in the galaxy. The HI gas distribution and velocity eld in 1300+0144 was also mapped. The HI disk extends well beyond the optical disk and appears to be lopsided in the intensity maps.

Paper - astro-ph/0609426