The Astronomer's Integrated Desktop: A Unified Suite of Applications for Scheduling-Block Based Observing on the GBT
K. O'Neil, A. L. Shelton, N. M. Radziwill, R. M. Prestage
2005 ADASS conference series

Since 2003, the monitor and control software systems for the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) have been redesigned to make the telescope easier to use. The result is the release of the Astronomer's integrated desktop (Astrid), an observation management platform used to create and submit scheduling blocks, monitor their progress on the telescope, and provide a real time, quick look data display. Using Astrid, the astronomer launches one application and has access to all of the software, documentation, and feedback facilities that are required to conduct an interactive observing session. These systems together provide a common look and feel for GBT software applications, enable offline observation preparation, and facilitate dynamic scheduling and remote observing.

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