A search for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Near-Infrared
II. Arecibo HI line observations

Authors:D. Monnier Ragaigne, W. van Driel, K. O'Neil, S.E. Schneider, C. Balkowski, & T.H. Jarrett

Published:Accepted by A&A


A total of 367 Low Surface Brightness galaxies detected in the 2MASS all-sky near-infrared survey have been observed in the 21 cm HI line using the Arecibo telescope. All have a Ks-band mean central surface brightness, measured within a 5 arcsec radius, fainter than 18 mag/arcsec2. We present global HI line parameters for the 107 clearly detected objects and the 21 marginal detections, as well as upper limits for the undetected objects. The 107 clear detections comprise 15 previously uncatalogued objects and 36 with a PGC entry only.

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