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Sgr A* at 30 Workshop

Green Bank W.Va March 25, 26, 2004

In addition to the regular program, there will be a less formal discussion Friday night on future millimeter/submillimeter VLBI observations of Sgr A*. With the arrival of the next generation of mm/submm telescopes and the availability of inexpensive large bandwidth recorders, there is an excellent opportunity for imaging on the scale of the event horizon providing detailed tests of accretion models and general relativity. This experiment will require considerable coordination of resources and efforts at a number of institutions and observatories. We hope to bring together interested parties to discuss scientific goals, technical requirements and future collaboration. All are encouraged to participate.

Day 1 . March 25 . Thursday (Janksy Lab Auditorium)
Session I : 8:30 to 9:40. The Discovery of Sgr A*
  Welcome K.Y. Lo 5 min
Massive Objects at the Centers of Galaxies R. Blandford 25 min
The GBI in 1974 D. Hogg 15 min
The Discovery of Sgr A* B. Balick and R. Brown 25 min
Session II : 9:40 to 10:20. The Size and Structure of Sgr A* - Old and New Results
  First Determination of the Angular Size of Sgr A* K.Y. Lo 15 min
Early Jodrell Bank Observations of the Scattering Size of Sgr A* R. Booth 15 min
Discussion 10 min
Coffee Break 10:20-10:45 (Jansky Lab Auditorium Foyer)
Session II : continued 10:45 to 12:15.
  Interstellar Scattering and Sgr A* D. Backer 15 min
VLBA Determinations of the Size of Sgr A* G. Bower 15 min
Two-epoch VLBA Imaging of Sgr A* at 86 GHz Z.-Q. Shen 15 min
Polarization of Sgr A* at cm and mm Wavelengths G. Bower 15 min
  Discussion 20 min + Break 10 min
12:15 to 13:30 lunch (Residence Hall Cafeteria)
Session III : 13:30 to 14:30. Results on Sgr A* and Multi-wavelength Variability
  Does Sgr A* Contain all the Mass Sensed by Stellar Orbits ? M. Reid 15 min
Time Variations Sgr A* at cm and mm Wavelengths J. H. Zhao 15 min
X-ray Variability of Sgr A* F. Baganoff 15 min
Sgr A* in the near IR A. Ghez 15 min
Session IV : 14:30 to 15:15. Theoretical Results - Sgr A*
  Introduction by the moderator H. Falcke 15 min
Sagittarius A*'s Spectrum and Variability F. Melia 15 min
Accretion Model of Sgr A* in Quiescence R. Narayan 15 min
Coffee Break 15:15 to 15:45 (Jansky Lab Auditorium Foyer)
Session IV : continued 15:45 to 17:00.
  Variability and Flares from Accretion onto Sgr A* E. Quataert 15 min
Modelling Sgr A* Flares : Non-thermal Processes in an Outflow S. Markoff 15 min
Discussion for Session III & IV 30 min
NIR Emission and flares from Sgr A* R.Schoedel 15 min
Break 17:00 - 17:15
17:15 to 17:45 R. Ekers "The First Aperture Synthesis Images of the Galactic Center"
18:30 Banquet (Residence Hall Cafeteria). D. Backer and R. Ekers speakers. Traditional West Virginia music by the Brown Baggers

Day 2. March 26 . Friday (Janksy Lab Auditorium)
Session V : 9:00 to 10:20. The Environment Near Sgr A* - Mulitwavelength
  IR: Sgr A* in the mid-IR M. Morris 15 min
IR: Star Clusters in the Galactic Center D. Figer 15 min
IR: SOFIA's Role in Studies of the Galactic Center E. Becklin 15 min
X-ray: XMM View of the Galactic Center R. Warwick 25 min
Discussion for Session V, i 20 min
Coffee Break 10:20-10:50 (Jansky Lab Auditorium Foyer)
Session V : continued 10:50 to 12:20.
  Radio: Low Frequency Observations of Sgr A* and its Environment N. Kassim and C. Brogan 15 min
Radio: Massive Star Activities Traced in the Radio C. Lang 15 min
Radio: Masers in the Galactic Center : Interactions with Molecular Clouds F. Yusef-Zadeh 15 min
Discussion for Session V, ii 25 min
Open Discussion of All Sessions/Outstanding Issues/Thoughts 20 min
Summary of the Workshop 12:20-12:45
  Perspectives on Sgr A* M. Morris 20 min
Lunch 12:45 to 14:30 (Residence Hall Cafeteria)
Ceremony for plaques for 45 foot and 85-1 telescopes (at 45-Foot Telescope) 14:30 to 15:30
Reception to follow (Residence Hall Lounge)...

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