The Green Bank Telescope

Classic AIPS in Green Bank

Starting AIPS

A visitor to GB wishing to run classic AIPS should use a Linux (not Solaris!) system; there are several public systems available. There is a list of what systems are currently configured to run AIPS.

To start up AIPS, do one of the following depending on your shell. If you don't know what shell you're using, just type:

	echo $SHELL

in a terminal window.

Bash, bourne, korn shell users

	bash$ . /home/aips/LOGIN.SH
	bash$ aips 

Tcsh, csh users

	% source /home/aips/LOGIN.CSH
	% aips 

More ...

The aips command has many options, including selection of printer, inclusion of "disks" (data areas) from other hosts, remote "tv" (image display) capability, and more. Once you have done the LOGIN.CSH or LOGIN.SH step shown above, you should be able to type "man aips" to get further information.

Refer to the AIPS home page for more info on the package itself.


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