Radio Astronomers battle radio pollution as they try to investigate the radio universe. Many things give off radio waves, from the sparkplugs in your car, to your home computer, to communications satellites. Try this activity to see what we're up against!

Although we study the radio universe, we don't listen! Instead, radio astronomers use computers to create images of objects in our Milky Way Galaxy as well as distant galaxies and quasars. In this activity, you will learn how radio images are made.

If you know just one constellation in the night sky, I bet it's Orion! The Orion region doesn't look so familiar when you examine radio images and others. Take Ron Maddalena's online tour to see what's hidden in Orion!

Find out if planets emit radio waves!

Using hydrogen spectral line data of spiral galaxies, follow in Edwin Hubble's footsteps to measure the size and age of the Universe!

You can build a working radio telescope out of an old satellite dish!

These activities require FITS image processing software.

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