In Socorro, New Mexico and Green Bank, West Virginia

2012 Workshop Dates

 Green Bank Chautauqua Programs

 Socorro Chautauqua Program

The Radio Universe and the Green Bank Telescope

June 4-6, 2012

Course Description: Course # Day-05

Teaching Introductory Astronomy

June 7-9, 2012

Course Description: Course# Day-04

Exploring the Frontiers of 21th-Century Astrophysics with the VLA and VLBA

July 6-8, 2011

Course Description: Course # Day-06

The Chautauqua Short Course Series is designed to update undergraduate college professors' knowledge in forefront science research and teaching. NRAO offers 2 Chautauqua Short Courses:

  • NRAO-Green Bank hosts a short-course entitled: A Radio View of the Universe. To see the type of workshop we offer, take a look at an old workshop agenda.
  • The NRAO site in Soccoro, NM offers a Chautauqua Short Course called Exploring the Frontiers of 21st Century Astronomy.
  • Applications are processed through the University of Dayton. Go here for more information.

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