Science Center-GB

The Green Bank Science Center is open year-round for your students! Our 25,000 square foot facility contains the Catching the Wave Exhibit Hall, 150-seat auditorium, StarLab Classroom, gift shop, and even a café. We now offer hands-on activities and StarLab sessions in addition to guided tours of the telescopes.    As always, student programs are free. 

Our Science Center is different from a typical science museum. We are on location as astronomers from around the world use the gigantic Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope to uncover new knowledge about the universe. Discoveries happen here! And we want your students to share in this experience of discovery. 

Want to spend the night? Our affordable bunkhouse just for school and youth groups can accomodate up to 60 students (30 girls and 30 boys). There are attached but separate quarters for chaperones. Students bring their own linens or sleeping bags. The cost is $10.00/student/night (with a miniumum of $200.00/night).

PLEASE NOTE: Cameras are welcome, but DIGITAL cameras (as well as other electronic devices) are not allowed in areas near the telescopes. Do our RFI activity to learn why! More info is here. (pdf file)

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