List of Interference Reports and References

In the following, "EDIR" refers to NRAO Electronics Division Internal
Reports which are available from Sue Shears, NRAO, P.O. Box 2, Green
Bank, WV 24944, USA,  Copies of unarchived memos can
be obtained from R. Fisher at the same address,

"Transmission Loss Predictions for Tropospheric Communication Circuits",
Rice, Llongley, Norton, & Barsis, NBS Technical Note No. 101, May 1966

"Microwave Oven Radio Frequeny Emissions", Dolan, EDIR 161, July 1975

"Green Bank EMI Survey at 1000-1500 MHz, 17 March - 7 April 1981",
Brundage & Atkins memo, April 16, 1981

"Green Bank EMI Survey at 1500-2000 MHz, 21-24 April 1981", Brundage &
Atkins memo, May 22, 1981

"Radio Astronomy and Spectrum Management: The Impact of WARC-79",
Pankonin & Price, IEEE Trans Electromagnetic Compatibility, Aug. 1981

"The Response of a Radio-Astronomy Synthesis Array to Interfering
Signals", A.R.Thompson, IEEE Trans. on Ant. and Propag., Vol. AP-30,
pp450-456, 1982

"Conducting Radio Astronomy in the EMC Environment", Pamela J. Waterman,
IEEE Trans. on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol. EMC-26, p29, February

"Radio Interference from High-VoltagePower Lines", Thompson, VLA
Electronics Memo 211, July 1984

"Station Building RF Test", Oty, Rhodes, and Ross, VLB Array Memo
No. 596, April 21, 1987

"NRQZ Power Density Limits", Fisher, memo Mar. 1987

"Views of the Committee on Radio Frequencies (Concerning Frequency
Allocations for the Passive Services at the 1992 World Administrative
Radio Conference", 1991

"Airborne Measurements od Incidental Radio Noise from Cities", Cudak,
Swenson, & Cochran, Radio Science, Vol. 26, pp 773-781, May-June 1991

"Interference and Radio Astronomy", Thompson, Gergely, & Vanden Bout,
Physics Today, Nov. 1991

"Interference Protection Criteria for the Radio Astronomy Service", CCIR
Report 224-7.  This has been superseded by the "ITU Handbook for Radio
Astronomy" published in 1995 with tables more formally included in Annex
to Recommendation ITU-R RA.769.

"RFI Environment at Green Bank" (900-1300 MHz receiver), Baan memo, June
10, 1992

"Microwave Oven Radio Frequency Emissions", Wyslouzil, DRAO memo
Nov. 1992

"RFI Emissions from Vac-Ion Pumps", Beno, VLA-VLBA Interference Memo 1,
Nov. 1992

"RFI at Saint Croix due to FAA Radar at L-Band", Bagri, VLA-VLBA
Interference Memo 2, Nov. 1992

"Radio Emission Levels from the Flash Technology High Intensity Beacon
Model FTB204", Fisher, Mar. 1993

Parkes Observatory 75 MHz RFI Experiences, Erickson, June 1993

"A Proposal to Control Local Interference at the VLA", Brundage & Janes,
VLA Test Memo 188, Apr. 1994

"Interference at 1330 MHz", Brinks, Janes, & Lilie, VLA Test Memo 185,
Apr. 1994

"Microwave Oven Testing", Norris & Sizemore, memo June 1994

"Evaluation of Electrical Device Interference Potential to Radio
Astronomy Observations", Fisher, EDIR 296, Aug. 1994

"U.S. Frequency Allocations and Footnotes for Radio Astronomy and
Passive Radio Systems", Brundage, VLA-VLBA Interference Memo 3,
Nov. 1994

"Shielding for PC's at DRAO", Lockman, memo Nov. 1994

"Flourescent Light RFI Testing", Norris & Sizemore, memo Jan. 1995

"Tests of the MIT 600 MHz Impulse Detector", Janes, VLA-VLBA
Interference Memo 4, Jan. 1995

"Strong Interference at the VLA, 1994", Janes, VLA-VLBA Interference
Memo 5, Feb. 1995

"Index of Interference Memos", Lucero, VLA-VLBA Interference Memo 6,
Feb. 1995

"Digital Spectrometer / Autocorrelator for Monitoring RFI", Janes,
Broadwell, & Beno, VLA/VLBA Interference Memo 7, 1995?

"The VLA IF Interference Monitor", Janes, Jones, & Jenkins, VLA-VLBA
Interference Memo 8, June 1995

"Description of GBT RFI Monitoring Station", McKinnon memo July 1995

"Presentation of VLA Information on the Web", Lui & Jenkins, VLA/VLBA
Interference Memo 9, Sep. 1995

"An Adaptive Interference Cancelling Receiver for Radio Astronomy",
Bradley, Wilson, Barnbaum, & Wang, EDIR 305, Nov. 1995

"Observations of a Simulated Iridium Satellite with the 140-ft System",
McKinnon, memo June 1996

"A Program for Minimization of the Effects of Interference on GBT
Observations", Fisher memo June 1996

"Frequency Allocations and Footnotes", Lilie & Brundage, VLA-VLBA
Interference Memo 10, July 1996

"Harmonic Emissions Testing of Hand-Held Radios", Sinnott, VLA-VLBA
Interference Memo 13, Jan. 1997

"RFI Measurement and Monitoring Facilities", Fisher
memo, March 1997

Summary of Iridium emissions tests, NRAO Staff compilation, May 1998

"Possible Sources of RFI on the GBT", Fred Crews,
December 20, 1999

Last modified January 26, 2000