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140 Foot (43m) Telescope

140 Foot ``First, when I saw the 140-ft. design, and especially when it got built, my impression was only: `What an odd fellow!' Why should we have an expensive polar mount, on top of a huge concrete building, with a large sail high up into the wind? ... But then I started using it, and it wasn't odd any more, but a wonderful tool. And when I worked to investigate and improve it, I developed a very personal relation with it, like many people do with their car, and the 140-ft. became a good friend and stayed that way.''

Sebastian von Hoerner

The 140ft telescope played a critical role in the history of Astro-Chemistry.
The 140 Foot Telescope was closed as a user facility on 19 July 1999. The telescope control system was revised in 2004 and has been restored to operation as a receiving antenna for Bi-static radar experiments. Operations are currently planned through 2010.