Green Bank Workshop --- 21 cm HI Survey Of The Milky Way

May 21-23, 2001

The Green Bank Workshop on the topic of 21cm HI Surveys of the Milky Way that will be held from May 21-23, 2001 at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank WV, USA, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the interstellar 21cm HI line. The Workshop will be the first science gathering of the International Galactic Plane Survey project, which will combine high resolution HI surveys of the Galaxy underway at the DRAO, the ATNF and the VLA. The Workshop will bring together researchers who are involved in these and other HI surveys, and related surveys of the Milky Way, to share techniques, results, and prospects for the future. The Observatory at Green Bank is a particularly appropriate site for this Workshop, as it is home to the original Ewen-Purcell horn and the new 100 meter Green Bank Telescope, which will be in operation at the time of the Workshop.
Green Bank Workshops have a reputation for excellence. The isolation of Green Bank and its great natural beauty tend to create an atmosphere conducive to in-depth scientific discussions. Everyone who attends should expect to make a presentation in one form or another. We encourage participation by students. There are no plans to publish a proceedings from the Workshop.

Local Organizing Committee:

Felix J. Lockman, Anish Roshi, Toney Minter, Glen Langston, Shirley Curry and Becky Warner
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
P. O. Box 2, Route 28/92
Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-0002 USA

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