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Miscellaneous Links

Small extract from a GUPPI raw data file (3GB)
FRB Simulations
2016 GWAC meeting presentation
2006 SPIE talk
2006 SPIE talk pdf version
2004 SPIE extra stuff
Extra stuff pdf version
kim's OU talk
kim's OU talk pdf version
2004 SPIE paper
2012 Metrology / Holography presentation
2014 metrology presentation
temps movie

2015 GBT performance talk
2016 GBT Overview talk
NYSC 05 talk
NASA 06 talk
surface talk
future instrumentation talk
NRAO Receivers
GBT Control System
Welcome NRAO
WVU Engineering Senior Projects
WVU Physics Senior Projects
Outlook Access page
dibas.tar.gz - gzipped tar file of dibas python code
scans.tar.gz - gzipped tar file of scans from project TGBT13B_502_07 - gzipped tar file of SDFITS file from project TGBT13B_502_07
files from TGBT13B_502_44

Community Day at Howard University

New (April 2016) example OOF dataset (85MB)
Example OOF dataset (21MB)

WVU Projects

powerpoint version
pdf version

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